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Mango opens six stores in Canada

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Mango opens six stores in Canada
A Mango Office (Courtesy of Mango)

Manganese Part of its growth in North America relies on Canada. A Spanish clothing company has signed an agreement with Fox Group, a firm specializing in retail management of international brands, to strengthen its presence in the Canadian market. The agreement has a ten-year term and provides for the first phase to open six stores in Toronto between 2022 and 2023 and at least twenty Mango stores in the rest of the country. To extend the contract with the Fox Group for another ten years.

The development plan outlined by the company will allow it to expand distribution in the country and the agreement signed with Fox Group will increase the presence of mangoes in department stores in Canada. Hudson Bay At this time the company already has fifty sales points. Boasting a growing online business, it also distributes its products on its official e-commerce platform and its flagship retailer’s digital platform.

The group’s visit to Canada is another step in a broader project, Mango’s race across North America. In May, the company began an ambitious expansion plan in the United States, with plans to open a flagship store at 711 Fifth Avenue in New York, with thirty more stores expected to open over the next three years. By 2024, the Spanish brand aims to have at least forty stars and stripes outlets in the country, linking its presence in major shopping centers to the main streets of the most important cities. Now Mango will try to expand into the Big Apple, where it already has ten stores, then move to South Florida and plans to open a new store in Miami on Lincoln Road, one of the city’s most important shopping streets. New World’s success will continue west, aiming to open in cities like Atlanta, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Diego by the end of the year. (All rights reserved)

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