December 3, 2023

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Hockey Como and the Copa Italia in the air. It is also the derby

Hockey Como and the Copa Italia in the air.  It is also the derby

First leg tonight in Chiavenna against old rivals. It is not possible to go wrong

This used to be the derby required, but now making mistakes was strictly forbidden.

The first round of the Coppa Italia pits Hockey Como against the first leg in Chiavenna (first entry today, 7pm). A deliberate comparison – the president of the biancobl Massimo Tacci chose the Valchiavenna team that was rejected by the other seven teams of the Italian Hockey League, also because of the distance – but now it is strictly forbidden to make mistakes.

Coach Massimo da Rin’s boys must forget about the teams in the category (Chiavina in Division 1, the old Italian league) and secure the next round, with an already excellent result in the first leg, to close it in the second leg scheduled for Tuesday 3 January .

Chiavenna is very dangerous on their friend’s court as he scored a large number of victories in the first stage, in the western group.

In the second match, however, there were two defeats out of the largest number of matches, to undermine Valchiafinas’ convictions. However, the air derby would fill the grandstand with fans, even surpassing the average league matches settled at 250.

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