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Nutshells for Pellet Stoves, Do They Really Save Money?

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Among the fuels called biomass that can be burned pellet stoves; There are also hazelnut shells. But is it true that they save money? Hazelnut shells can be considered valid fuel and used in place of pellets Gas alternative heating It can save money. Let’s find out more.

Can you save money with nut shells in your pellet stove?

Mix granules and pellets in a glass bowl
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If you do not know How to choose pellets Read our in-depth article first. And then, if you choose to use nut shells, you should know that this natural fuel is made solely from nut shells, which are waste from other food processing processes.

Chopped hazelnut shells are used in pellet stoves, and with the same calorific value, the savings calculated by experts are around 4.2 kW / kg. Briefly Economic savings of about 40%.

This is due to the average selling price per quintal and also to the value added tax. If the VAT is 22% for wood pellets, it drops to 10% for grated hazelnut shells.

Be careful, however, that to burn this type of biomass a pellet stove must be multi-fuel. Adjustments can always be made, but they must be done by specialized personnel.

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