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Chinese brands ready to land in Europe

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Let’s start with the greatest Should I launch my brands in Europe? Then I ally with No. 1 on the Continent. The reasoning made by great wall To market cars of its distinguished brand wi And electric cars only Currently He must have been of that type. Swiss network Emile Fry It sells more than half a million cars annually, both new and used, for sales in excess of €10 billion. The deal will start from Germany, the country where Great Wall set up its headquarters in Munich in November 2021, with around 300 recruits. sales from Now Funky Cat They should start in the last quarter of this year and additional hybrid SUVs will also arrive Y coffee 01. according to Europe Car News The two companies are conducting “extensive negotiations” to extend this cooperation to other important European markets.

> In the photos above Wey Cofee 01, below Ora Funky Cat.

Effective strategy – According to Xiangjun Meng, Head of European Market at Great Wal, “The project of cooperation with Emil Frey lays the foundations for our entry into the market and this is a milestone for The road to EuropeAccording to sources close to the Great Wall, creator Emil Frey chose after evaluating it partnership It would provide significant advantages over establishing its own sales and service network. Emil Frey currently sells 28 brands in Germany, from Abarth to Volvo, and already has experience launching new brands after I’ve dealt with this, for Toyota, Hyundai and Mitsubishi, in several European countries. 2019 ranking for Dealers – Agents European (over here news) saw the Swiss group outperform, with its 820 points of sale, selling 670,000 cars on revenue of 15 billion. Autotorino, the largest Italian network, had a turnover of 1.24 billion in the same year with 51,500 cars sold through 102 points of sale.

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More and more China in Europe – expansion great wall in Europe It also involves display SVOLTwho is thinking about it invest 2 billion euros At two sites in Saarland, Germany, including an innovative battery cell plant with a capacity of 24 GWh in the maximum expansion phase. Also Xpeng, a producer p 7, which many consider against Tesla, will give life to a similar cooperation agreement with Emil Frey Nederland to distribute its vehicles in the Netherlands while Sweden will ally with the large Bilia network. there Chinese presence in Europe It’s really big, especially when it comes to electric cars. According to analyst Matthias Schmidt in 2021, 16% of the 1.2 million electric cars sold in Western Europe came from China. The Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, produced in Shanghai, and Dacia Spring, the BMW iX3 produced in China were also entered into the account. Battery powered cars are the prerogative of Dragon Land, which also benefits from the availability of raw materials, and Europe will have to prepare To counter it because in electric traction, the great experience of great European (and American) motorists is practically “reset”.

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