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A1’s new team –

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David Costanzosporting director of Injas Vercelli Hockey Announces new contracts for the next season of A1.

This year we have raised the bar compared to last year, because the ambitions are greater. In addition, there was more time to prepare the team, and therefore we contacted players of another level.”

We come to the names:

Maxi OrostArgentine naturalized Spanish with a double passport, the new champion of the Spanish League with Deportivo Liceo La Coruna. He knows how to do everything: attack, defend and score. He’s the kind of player we haven’t seen at Vercelli in many years. I can’t wait to see him on his first training session, because he has tremendous qualities.

Diogo NevesAnd the Portuguese is coming from Sandrigo, where Last year he scored 40 goals. I’d like to define him a little bit “hockey beauty” in the sense that he is a very elegant technical player with a lot of personality. It is also definitely a first-class purchase.

Serge Canet, The Spaniard from Palafrugell, the mid-table team in Spain: He is a very fast striker, gifted with a superb shot, traveling with an average of 26-27 goals this season in La Liga.

Enrico Zucchiatihe played in Correggio, I have known him for many years, being also a good friend of his brother: He’s a tough defender, with a good personality. Combine your body and good technique.

Matthew Le Guercio Which I would describe as our bet, to be one of the most promising young people in Italy. Play from the edgeHe played several seasons in A2 with Montecchio Precalcino. This year she will have a great chance to play in the Italian first class he wanted. I wish a lot in this man, because he has a good character and personality and I think that with our coach and our technical team he will be able to grow a lot.

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Andrea Rafa Last year he played with Amatori Vercelli. He is a young goalkeeper who wanted our team: we brought him into the team where he can have a great experience.”

Affirmations are just as important as those of which Costanzo said equally sharp words: “They stay with us Matthew BrossaAnd the Mattia Verona captain Massimo Tatarani who was one of the first to confirm, after last season I think he’s amazing. I expect a lot more from Matteo Zucchetti from last year as well: he will have to prove that he is a really strong A1 player, a defender with physical strength, technique and tactical intelligence.”

Show the cards, so now we have to ask ourselves HV goals: Is it possible to dream of entering the top four in the league?

“I’m always positive, I was in the last year and this is more than that: we are a good team, if things go as they should, the opponents will be much stronger, or they are going to have a really tough time.”

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