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Ukraine, Macron: “Kyiv in NATO? It’s not the most likely scenario.” Moscow: “Zelensky is a son … of the West”

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entrance of theUkraine In the Boy It is not owned by the French president Emmanuel Macron as the “most likely scenario” that would be lived on Russia as a conflicting action. In the same hours that Volodymyr Zelensky was admitted to Uses From Joe Bidencomes from France Cooling the main demand made by Kyiv in recent months.

Ukraine’s accession to NATO would be seen by Russia as something of a struggle. Not with this Russia that one can imagine, ”was Macron’s reasoning in an interview with French newspapers Le MondeAmerican Wall Street Journal And a Lebanese day. insisted on the need to grantSecurity guaranteesto Ukraine but also to Russia at the end of the conflict, a position that has earned him fierce criticism from Kyiv and Eastern Europe.

“In the end, we’ll have to put everyone around Table. And then all files Europeans that they Westerners What a harm Moral lessons Explain to me who will sit around the table.” “I don’t want to be just me Chinese hey Turks To negotiate the next day, “stressed the tenant of the Elysee, referring in particular to the mediation efforts of Ankara’s diplomacy. He also called on the French president againstrategic autonomy In Europe, within NATO, but with less dependence on the United States.

Words were not enough to calm the tension, even verbal, between Russia and the West, which has revived in recent days after Zelensky’s visit to Washington. Spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Minister, Maria Zakharovintroduced the President of Ukraine “Ibn A… from the Westusing a quote previously attributed to him Franklin Delano Roosevelt against the President of Nicaragua Anastasio Somoza Garcia. “He is their son from … and therefore everything is permitted to him. And above all, not only their son p …, but also one son Contrast tool repeated Zakharova.

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His words come on the day the chief of staff of the Russian army Valery Gerasimov He argued that Moscow’s forces’ war effort in Ukraine is currently focused on the region DonetskIn the Donbass, with the intention of “completely liberating it,” adding that Russian forces continue to strike deep into Ukrainian territory. The hostility, according to Moscow, is Ukraine itself, which does not want to slow down: “I talks Between Zelensky and Biden showed that Ukraine and the United States They do not seek peacebut they are determined to continue them, ”this is Zakharova’s version.

The Kremlin spokesman also addressed this concept Dmitry Peskovwhich, according to her, from the talks, “did not arrive No real appeal To peace. ” And the decision of the United States to supply the missile defense system will correspond to this line PatriotWhich – as the Kremlin claims – “does not contribute to the preference for a quick end to the conflict”.

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