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Cannes Film Festival, vote for a look at the red carpet: Here are the most dressed and most welcoming VIPs – PHOTOS

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Fashion, like cinema, is above all a provocation. Especially when the Cannes Film Festival is such a media bomber. Louis Vuitton He plays at home and wears the most divine clothes. starting from Valeria Golino Chairman of the jury Some considerations, who wore a custom-made black crystal-embroidered dress, with a deep V-neckline and a flared skirt. Then in order not to bother anyone, I change up my dress and switch to peacock blue (ton sur ton with eyes) but critics of fashion bloggers find the low bun hardly ever.

Louis Vuitton dresses too Lea Seduce‘Crimes of Future’ star in black lace and crystal and silver belts. And the deepika, the hero of the movie “Decision to Leave” with the victory of feathers and sequins. Fabulous! For Plaisir dei addictive style A fashion show for Rossi de Palma, muse of Almovodar, who goes from delicate Valentino to Gucci green with a fan. Sheila AtemNaturalized Ugandan actress and playwright, Chopard Cup winner, wears a long dress with an iridescent orange train. Bella Hadid Chosen in a vintage Versace from the Summer 1987 collection, a black amphora complete with drapes. Super taut bun and droopy drops of glitter. Eva Longoria He who always chooses black (maybe he stretches) now takes off an easy-to-wear dress Alberta Ferretti And the model that I see does not see it transparently and does not blow the rotation completely. Julian Moore At Bottega Veneta, he focuses on sobriety: she wears a long all-black dress with a wide neckline, and a Bvlgari diamond and emerald necklace illuminating the face. Kat Graham An incomprehensible dress, made of an open jacket intertwined with a corset.

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for Roselina SalemiA keen observer of fashion and morals, he has just returned from Cannes: “Festival from a cinematic point of view is not exciting. But from a glamorous point of view, the red carpet did not miss anything.” For her the most elegant are two women who are no longer young, Ellen Mirren (the Queen) with long extensions in platinum color E Andy McDowell in vintage dior Shine from the 2016 collection, more discreet gray/silver hair pick.

For fashion-addicted designers, never underestimate the power of Julianne Moore in an oversized men’s jacket with Calimero bag, a Bottega Veneta woven leather bucket, limited edition and a hefty €5800. I got off the plane and actually take a look: American actress Anne Hathaway T-shirt, jacket and tennis shoes.

Poppy Delevingne, She wears a classic blue jacket with gold buttons and a Goryeo balloon bag (looks like a hot air balloon) with shoulder straps.

Elle Fanning Comfortable in a cream colored kaftan. Jasmine Trinca bYou can’t go wrong with a blue and white striped Venetian t-shirt. But at Monte des Marches, she wears Prada with feathers, voile, and crystals. the most unusual Deepika Dapkona, An assortment of whipped cream and meringue in creamy white. Olivia de Jong, Gucci custom-made long chiffon in aquamarine green, with pleated details, slit and ruffle maxi in organza. Jeremy O. Harris In a lilac silk tuxedo with a one-button jacket and white shawl pleats, an ivory silk bow tie, and a white cowboy hat. manskinAnd the Who participated in the soundtrack to the movie “Elvis” with the song “If I Could Dream”, Gucci’s super glamorous look and makeup. As expected. The most applauding couple? The beautiful and the impossible Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender.

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