Home science Notwist at Spazio 211 are real craftsmen – opinions

Notwist at Spazio 211 are real craftsmen – opinions

Notwist at Spazio 211 are real craftsmen – opinions

years from Neon Golden, there are 21 of them, the audience is starting to feel a little white-haired, but all in all, on this third evening of high-quality music at Space 211 in Turin, there is room for everyone. It’s true that the indie-tronics’ seven riders are veterans of the Italian (and not only) stages, but coming back to watch them live is always fun. Especially when it comes to applying Vertigo Days – Live from the Aliens Research Center, which is a live record made under extraordinary circumstances. The band members rearranged the songs from the album in Weilheim’s studio to film a special show. Thus, the songs took on a new life.

Already presented in 2022, the latest album “alternates moments of pure utopia with others of prose adherence to reality, which has dreamy traits but also has an earthly feel”. And live these typical elements can not be missing, they are specially designed for the public who is eager to immerse themselves in the gloomy and dreamy atmosphere. This is confirmed by the lineup, which looks more like a DJ set than a series of unrelated items. from Introduction / Stars to Exit strategy to myselffrom in the ice age to a monster version of pilotNowtist snaps the instruments like true audio craftsmen, bringing to life a trance-filled musical ensemble halfway between analog and digital.

As said in these pages “their sound is for all intents and purposes pop rock that exists not in real time, but as a digitally archived document, as a repeatable phenomenon starting from the data entry fed into the algorithm”. It is a journey where the destination is the core of our core, the neutrons and electrons that make it up. Dance ops, melodic openings, violent noise rock beats, hypnotic rhythmic spirals, jazzy breaks, cinematic approaches alternate with the grain of their 2002 masterpiece.

Drum and bass version of This roomone between dub and techno pilotan obscure version of Kongleading to the moment of ultimate catharsis at the end, when everyone sings their masterpiece consequencesleave as is on the disc.

The German band group confirms that it is one of the most interesting scenes live and presents this version of T! LT at Spazio 211 in Turin another evening of high quality music.


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