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More space in theater and schools. Program for the new director of Fondarc di Velletri

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Giacomo Zito (Fundark Filitri): “I want to create a kind of humus among young people. The facts that have shown that they are tangibly capable of offering a high-quality cultural product will be taken into account.

giacomo zito fondarc velletri
Photography by Massimo Iachita

Tolio Sorrentino, president of Fondarc di Velletri, hopes the foundation’s new director will “be able to involve the territory in cultural activities”. He, Giacomo Zito, was nominated for the institution that runs Artemisio-Volontè Theater and the House of Cultures and Music, which focus on youth and theater.

“I received the assignment with enthusiasm and surprise, and I think Claudio Maria Micheli did a high-level job,” Zito tells Messaggero on newsstands today. He continues: “Velletri is an important area: the cultural spaces composed of the Artemisio-Volontè Theatre, the Convent and the Auditorium of the Casa delle Culture are exciting and beautiful for the theater artist.”

But how will you do to “unlock” the spaces of culture? “To bring children closer to live entertainment – says Zito – I will establish relations with all the schools of Filitri and Castelli Romani, through theatrical and cultural activities. In this way I hope to produce a kind of humus in which to plant professional proposals, a theatrical program, music and dance. To do this – he adds – I will surround I am drawn to references and experts from the region and its spaces, in virtuous continuity with Micheli’s work. All the facts that have shown that they are concretely capable of making a good cultural product – the promises of Zito – will be taken into account.”

In the meantime, the enterprise continues to implement the program already implemented by the previous director. The bill includes several theatrical performances: four in the next two months. The first is on February 5th. Zito’s work will be seen from next summer.

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Who is the new director of Fondarc di Velletri

The new manager, for his part, has all the credentials to do a good job. He graduated from the National Academy of Dramatic Art at the time there was also Pierfrancesco Favino and more. Specialist in London. Respected approach in the theater where he also acted with Andrea Camilleri. Actor in the series “Don Matteo” and “I Cesaroni”. Theater Director and Artistic Director of Strong Cultural Initiatives in Ariccia and Anagni. buildings there. If the roses will bloom.

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