October 3, 2023

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Taika Waititi is open to a comeback but fans don’t want it yet Love and Thunder

Taika Waititi is open to a comeback but fans don’t want it yet Love and Thunder

There’s no denying that the new part of Marvel Cinematic Universe fans don’t really appreciate his style Taika Waititi Especially his version of Thor in the two films he has directed so far. Not only Ragnarok, but especially Thor: Love and Thunder It was filled with criticism from fans who were tired of the director.

While recently appearing on BBC Radio 1 promoting Thor Love and Thunder Debut in Disney PlusThe Oscar-winning director joked that he’s already preparing several ideas for a fifth chapter, suggesting titles like Tive: What a classic Thor adventureAnd the Thor 5: Still aliveand other utterly bizarre proposals, in his typical style.

However, after Love and Thunder arrived at Disney Plus, even those who haven’t watched a Marvel Studios movie yet Increasingly convinced they don’t want another chapter of the franchise directed by Waititi. In fact, in some of the venomous comments, there are those who were convinced that the director was fired from Thor 5. Plans for the next chapter starring Chris Hemsworth have yet to be revealed, and it may take some time. Before announcing any news. You must first complete stage 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, after which you will proceed to stage 5.

Thor Love and Thunder will be released on home video on September 27 This release will also include several additional features, including deleted scenes, muzzle reel and voiceover by Taika Waititi: some details regarding the unreleased scenes, but among the characters that will be included in the additional material, fans can clearly expect two of the Thor, Valkyrie and Korg, Guardians of the Galaxy and Zeus, as well as unreleased faces not seen on the big screen: after all, it has been confirmed that the first edit of Thor Love & Thunder lasted four hours, and therefore should be a quantity The waste material remaining in the collection compartment is large.

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