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Football sick father: “I was chasing after my son, I gave money to a scammer”

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“I appreciate your inquiry regarding the relationship between prosecutors and very young players, because it is real and real and reflects what happens above all in the amateur courts and in the lower categories. In fact, everyone should know the names and nicknames of those who harm the whole category. The problem is another too, because at levels Certain everything always remains in the hands of the usual suspects and for a real agent, who wants to grow, the whole road is arduous and sometimes endless. But it is right to shed light, to tell facts that few know.” Riccardo Casale, a young lawyer from Milan, wrote to us From Football Capital After reading the first two episodes of our investigation into the secretive market for children’s soccer players, where there are those willing to steal money from small businesses and families of unsuspecting boys..something is moving: the wall of silence on such a delicate topic is slowly fading , and the complaints of parents and professionals who tell who and why should be paid to play football are numerous. It is clear that they are all moving synchronously within the football circus: nursery sports directors and watchers, real and false agents, middlemen and mediators, sponsors and Parents. There is a lot of money going around. Because selling dreams is not that complicated. (continued)

What the father and mother did not do to please their son, in their eyes the new Messi or a copy of Cristiano Ronaldo. They call it the season of dreams, those who belong to teenagers who have little talent but are often immature. We should expect it to bloom, sow with patience. Instead, the weapon to be deceived becomes a trap to attract moles “Farse” auditionsAutomated teller machine to withdraw money from parents’ pockets. There are fake middlemen and agents who ask for money Promising a future as a hero, but there are also parents who are willing to pay good money. Let me be clear. Nobody points a gun at the head of naive parents, only that repentance is often too late. “I am one of many deceived parents. At first it was just a disappointment, now I am so angry. I tell my story so I can open the eyes of other parents. I fell in love with it, and I don’t want it to happen to others.” Mr. Fabio S. lives in Brianza, his son is in his second year of high school and until last year he was playing at a regional football school. A man of qualities in the opinion of his coach. This positive judgment was enough to spark an idea in the parent’s mind.
«Vero, When the season ended, at the beginning of summer, I put an advertisement on the bulletin board for the site “Specialist”, and wrote that my son would like to do some tests.
What happened at that point?
“A few days later the prosecutor called me on WhatsApp. He was very convincing, in two weeks he will take the boy to the test. He only wanted 200 euros for consulting and bureaucratic expenses. I accepted, for the sake of my son.”
Then I saw each other in the field …
“Yes, at the end of July, near Milan. There were about sixty children but of different ages, and two hours of training between technical tests and matches. They asked me 100 euros, in all black, for allegedly rent for training. Land and technical materials. I did not I was convinced, but I paid. As soon as I passed the first test, however, the next day, in addition to the good news, another request arrived full of ridicule: “To get to the second step, you must pay another 100 euros.” What upset me, but I was convinced that It will be the last batch.”
what happened after that?
“After the second selection, I did not know anything for a few days. Until the person called me again, telling me that the test went well, but in order to get my son to join the youth sector of a professional club, I had to pay a “commission” of 3 thousand EUR. I realized at that point that I was the victim of a scam, and also because I was not told anything about the destination it was going to be, but only to prepare the money for delivery in an envelope. He refused to give more money and that person closed the call. But the disappointment was enormous.”
In the meantime he already paid 400 euros. Beyond travel expenses
“Yes, right. But the most ridiculous thing is that the unsuspecting coaches, who were assigned by the hour to evaluate players, were cheated, as were the boys and their families. I knew they weren’t paid.”
Can we say that this is also the fault of your parents?
“Yes, that’s right. And I’m not just talking about my case, because there are many bait-eating families when the characters who say they represent corporations offer cheap hope. It’s hard work to get out of, because if you pay for some time the next day, they’ll give you More opportunities at different prices, until the moment comes, as it happened to me, when you realize that all this leads to nothing. And that you have wasted only hundreds, or in some cases thousands of euros.”

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