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Joker, a new video from the Folie à Deux set predicts big trouble for Joaquin Phoenix

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Filming is underway joker: Foley a docsthe sequel to the movie brought in 2019 Joaquin Phoenix to win at Oscar as the best actor. After the controversy that has been filtered in recent days, he has now also been fired from the group video And it looks like he’ll never miss an event again.

In a video shared via Twitter by accounts closely following the production Joker 2In fact, the franchise star can be seen getting out of the back of the car, completely shaken, and starting to run down the street. Two more people emerge from the same car: one has what appears to be the iconic clown mask on his face, and the other wears the revealing suit that Arthur Fleck He bragged about the evening he was killed Murray Franklin He lives.

You can watch the video from the set of JOKER 2 here

Right now, it’s hard to put it all in context: at the end of the first chapter of Orientation Todd PhillipsJoker’s violent anarchic insanity ended up infecting the city. After the new police escape Idol of Gotham Crime He enjoyed rallying his supporters. Why is he now seen running away from them? Questions that will not be answered until several months later.

Meanwhile, in Corsican Days, a new rumor has surfaced regarding the film’s other great protagonist, viz lady gaga. He will play the singer and Oscar winner Harley Quinnbut according to an insider, she will not be a psychiatrist forArkham Asylum You are destined to fall in love with the Joker. Rumors instead suggest that she will also be a patient of a criminal asylum Gotham City.

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Here, in the meantime, you can take back the first photo of the actress with Joaquin Phoenix. Joker: Folie à DeuxWe remind you that it will be released in theaters on October 4, 2024.

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source: Twitter

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