Home Economy No withdrawal on Friday “How are we going to do that on the weekend?” Surprising reason

No withdrawal on Friday “How are we going to do that on the weekend?” Surprising reason

No withdrawal on Friday “How are we going to do that on the weekend?”  Surprising reason

The ATM is a tool that the Italians have always used widely.

Almost all Italians use branches automatic for daily expenses.


So it can be said that an ATM is already one Totally learned routine Almost all Italians. But the surprise of the withdrawal ban on Friday is really strange and yet the reasons are many was established.

No withdrawal on Friday: that’s why

Let’s try to understand what is happening. The ATM has always been in the eyes of the tax man.


In fact, the Revenue Agency, through ATMs, carefully monitors the spending habits of Italian citizens. With an ATM specifically, you can find out if the family is withdrawing too much or too little in relation to their own Declared revenue. It’s all thanks Super registration for checking accounts Which allows Internal Revenue to monitor everything the Italians do. But the ATM is not only in the eyes of the taxman But it’s also in the crosshairs of the bad guys. Let’s see what happens in many parts of Italy. Gangs of scammers enter ATMs A device capable of blocking the account holder’s card.

Here’s how it works

The account holder goes to withdraw from the ATM but finds himself with The card is prohibited. He is convinced that there is a technical problem with the ATM But the bank is being closed on Friday afternoon He will have to wait until Monday to get his card back. So all weekend Scammers will be able to use the victim’s card as they wish. In fact, once the user steps away from the ATM, the criminals unlock their card and can use it whenever they want. In short, it is very important to avoid pulling out on Fridays.

How to defend yourself from this fraud

Ironically, the Italians They draw a lot today To get money for weekend expenses. But as we have seen, withdrawal is much better On days when branch operators are present And you can interact with them instantly. However, the numbers are always active Bloc from the card. It is important to write these numbers down because in case of problems they can always be reached and You can block the card for security. So if in any doubt, it is better to block the card with these assigned phone numbers.


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