October 1, 2023

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Small cabaret for young students in the Spazio Tree

Small cabaret for young students in the Spazio Tree

On weekends, the traditional final performance of the acting course for school children, directed by Silvio Aracleo, takes place

Teramo – Serve

The show stars Chiara Cargenari, Beatrice Cosenza, Orlando Di Carlantonio, Emma DiDionizio, Agatha DiMarco, Federico Lucci, Micol Micheli, Luca Ursoli, Aurora Pompetti and Sofia Veneziano. In particular, the one-act plays are the following (with the protagonists): Training with Chiara Cargenari and Orlando Di Carlantonio: Business Card with Luca Ursoli, Federico Lucci and Agatha Di Marco; business card with Luca Orsoli, Federico Lucchi and Agata Di Marco; The Orange Ducks with Luca Ursoli, Orlando Di Carlantonio, and Sofia Veneziano; Lotta all’ultimo evil with Emma Di Dionisio and Beatrice Cosenza; The Pheasant and the Disturb with Aurora Pompetti and Micol Micheli; At the dentist with Chiara Cargenari, Orlando Di Carlantonio, Luca Ursoli, Agata Di Marco and Emma Di Dionisio.

Presented by Sofia Veneziano with the participation of Beatrice Cosenza. Arrangement and adaptation of texts by Piero Asente and Vincenzo Macedoni.

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