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Steve Bannon was convicted of “contempt of Congress.” “So Trump didn’t stop the attack” –

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From Giuseppe Sarsina

The former White House strategist had declined to respond to the committee’s January 6 appeal. He was one of Trump’s few interlocutors in the weeks leading up to January 6

from our reporter
Washington – three hours and seven minutes. Property. Without answering dozens of calls from councilors and parliamentarians who begged him to block The attack on Capitol Hill
. The most disturbing photo he gave us live on TV, Thursday, July 21, audition
Parliamentary Committee on January 6
. Donald Trump alone in the dining roomNext to the Oval Office: the gaze is focused on a large screen set on it Fox News. Today’s witnesses, both those present in the courtroom and those previously heard, agree. Trump waited until the last minute to break the silence on Twitterwith the mad hope that these hundreds of Vandals, possess shamans, as well as heads proud boys And the oath guards can really annul the election result and annul a victory Joe Biden.

These are tough days for Trumpists. Yesterday, the Washington Federal Court ruled Steve Bannon charged with contempt of Congress. The former White House strategist had declined to respond to a subpoena (a subpoena) from the committee on January 6. Now District Judge Carl Nichols will determine the size of the sentence, which on paper ranges from 30 days to one year in prison. A verdict is expected on October 21.

Bannon He was one of Trump’s few interlocutors in the weeks leading up to January 6. On the other hand, all institutional figures were excluded. At a hearing Thursday evening, a council member who requested anonymity reported that Trump refused to answer calls from the Pentagon. Then White House attorney Pat Cipollone asserted that the president had not consulted any of the ministers responsible for public order: neither the director of defense, nor the secretary of justice or homeland security. He didn’t want to do anything, the claim bounced back in those 187 minutes between the chief of staff, Mark Meadows, the Cipollone Legal Department, the National Security Council, and the press office.

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Once Trump called his personal lawyer Rudy GiulianiFirst partner in this whole affair is as dangerous as it is ramshackle.

Chancellor Ivanka Trump’s daughter deserves a separate chapter. The meeting that preceded yesterday also demonstrated his efforts to move his father. as she wore. After hours of trying, he only managed to get the call to his supporters in a breakthrough tweet: Be peaceful. Her husband, Jared Kushner, said he was taking a shower when he received the appeal from the House Republican leader, Kevin McCarthy, on his cell phone: He was asking me to do something, and he was clearly afraid.

Unpublished ending. On January 7, Trump recorded a reform video. He reads the text prepared by the council members, but he’s crazy at least twice. The first to soften the expressions of condemnation towards those responsible for the riots. Secondly, he denies defeat: No, I do not mean that the elections are over. The committee will now prepare a preliminary report. Then in September the hearings will resume.

Will Trump be called to respond by the regular judiciary? The person in question is attacking his “social truth”: this is a commission that does not equal a reward. Corrupt and just lying. But the answer lies with Merrick Garland, the Biden administration’s attorney general. It has been around for over a year.

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