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Olivia Wilde shocked who received legal documents on stage for child custody

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for seven years Olivia Wilde And Jason Sudeikis They were one of the most beautiful couples in Hollywood (see Gallery under). But in the middle 2020 Both are parents of two childrenOtis Alexander8 years, e Daisy Josephine5) yes They say goodbye. And in November of the same year, she said Made love with Harry Styles’ official. to me PageSix The British singer could have ended the relationship between the two actors“Jason sensed something, brought up the topic, and at that point Olivia left him,” the American rumor site wrote at the time, explaining that Sudeikis, who loved his partner very much, was “desperate and upset.”

Two years after the farewell, there is a new development: he says PeopleOlivia saw herself Handing over legal documents for custody of Jason’s children just as he was on stage Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, where CinemaCon 2022. Wilde was talking about his first movie as a director, do not worry my love (among the main characters is Harry Styles), in front of a large audience, when a woman is sitting in the front row She handed her an envelope marked “Personal and ConfidentialShe is surprised (like the rest of the audience):me too?Then, having aroused her interest in this “very mysterious” matter, she decided: “I will open it now, because it looks like text.” After opening it bleached, but recovered immediately. He said “Okay, I understand, thanks” and continued to introduce do not worry my love.

An insider confirmed People That there is no text in this circumstance, but The legal documents sent to her by Sudeikis “concerning the custody of their two childrenBut why are they handed over as Olivia was on stage, embarrassing her in front of everyone? The timing It might suggest Jason’s revengebut the source People He assures us that this is not the case: “Mr. Sudeikis was not aware of when or where the envelope would be deliveredand will never accept that it was improperly delivered. It all depends on the procedural services company responsible for the delivery.” Wilde and Sudeikis attorneys, on advice PeopleThey did not want to comment on the story. But family law attorney David Glass, who was not involved in the case, told the American magazine so It is “highly unlikely” that Sudeikis did not know in detail how and when the envelope would be delivered. Revenge, as we know, is a dish that should be served cold.

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