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Dear bills. At the Edera cinema in Treviso, I count 18,000 euros: “It’s a second pandemic”

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TREVISO – «One Electricity bill From 18 thousand euros in July. Autumn scares us. And the’ Giuliana Fantoni To sound the alarm that will hit Treviso cinemas in the coming months. In the month of July alone Edera Cinema and Manzoni Complex Submit an energy bill of this amount. We consider that it is not a matter of months of full-fledged work. What will happen in October when rooms open with all programming and need heating? ». Scientist Cinema does not know peace. After more than two difficult years, the rooms in which were empty and dull, today there is a dear life to worry about.

the problem
But we’re not only concerned about fixed costs. The real topic is the spectators. Those who see stratospheric bills and increases will have to start cutting the family budget. And cinema will certainly be one of the first voices, considering the possibility Watch movies on TVThus, the second pandemic threatens to hit the cinemas in the city. And it could be the final blow.” Unfortunately, we are coming from a really difficult period for us, and despite some help, we had to deal with the problems ourselves. Today, people’s lower purchasing power will put us in a position to lose sight of the audience, which is a real shame because in recent months we have seen a slow but steady increase. And yet Programming From Minions 2, the families we haven’t seen for a long time are back in the cinema. ” It is also for this reason that Cinema Edera has envisioned a film festival from 18-22 September, which will see meetings and premieres of films at a political price of 3.5 euros to try to retain the audience and keep them connected to the cinema. “A way to meet again, to make those who follow us understand that physical cinema in the room, with strangers, with visions and even specialized titles is a unique art form, one that cannot be replicated in the living room.” The hope is that the audience will continue to devote part of their attention to cinema. Which, like theater, risks experiencing a new closure.

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Suggestion or offer
“It’s a problem we share with other models. That is why it would be good for the Treviso cinemas to reach out, to create a working group with joint initiatives » emphasized Fantoni. To stop fall inclusion, here’s an in-depth program. “If a family has to save money, it won’t in terms of heating, but having the possibility to defend a small area of ​​luxury like a cinema, can also help address the uncertainties that lie ahead.”

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