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Canada Goose: Live in the Open FW22 campaign directed and photographed by Cole Sprouse

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The campaign was shot in Alberta’s Canadian Rockies, which provided the perfect setting for Canada Goose’s latest range of lightweight outerwear, breathable apparel and new footwear.

Canada Goose and Cole Spruce, inspired by the strength and beauty of nature, have collaborated again for the brand’s Fall Winter 2022 campaign. After the success of last spring’s collaboration, Cole Spruce brings to life the brand’s latest Live in the Open campaign, which once again pays tribute to those who explored these lands before us, encouraging everyone to reach new heights. Directed by photographer and actor Cole Sprouse, the campaign celebrates the beauty of Mother Nature, its elements and its evolution, showcasing the effectiveness of Canada Goose products in Western Canada. Using both digital and analog cameras, Spruce captures the richness of the environment and all its natural charm, as well as the vibrant colors of the brand’s latest collection.

It is always a question of how we choose to live and interact with our environment. Gone are the days when man opposed nature, and the greatest challenge of our generation is to learn to live in harmony with it.“Sprouse said.”With its heritage so firmly rooted in the Canadian wilderness, it’s only fitting that Canada Goose travels to the Canadian Rockies for an open fall/winter campaign. I am excited to collaborate with this brand again and immortalize this campaign that celebrates the beauty of nature in all its truth.“.

Canada Goose’s Fall Winter 2022 campaign is rooted in the depth and beauty of nature. Nestled among snow-capped mountains, frozen blue rivers and stunning scenery, the inland experience of Alberta’s Canadian Rockies provides a stunning backdrop for a variety of outdoor winter activities such as skiing, hiking, snowboarding and diving into the natural world. The campaign is underpinned by Canada Goose’s Live in the Open ethos, which draws inspiration from its Basecamp community, which encourages you to develop deeper connections with the natural world and others.

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Canada Goose’s Spring 2022 campaign celebrated the power and value of a community so prominently, the same team came together to bring the recent Fall Winter campaign to life. From styling to makeup to photo assistants, everyone went live in the cold in the open and kept warm in the brand’s new collection.

The Canadian Rockies provided the perfect environment to experience Canada Goose’s selection of products designed for all lifestyles, from mountain peaks to urban explorers in big cities. In November 2021, the Canadian brand launched its first footwear collection. This autumn he expands his collection with Cypress and Crofton fold-down puffer boots (€575). With a Level 2 Thermal Experience Index (TEI), the boots can withstand temperatures as low as -15°C, providing lightweight protection, stylistic versatility and comfort.

Customize the fit with a drawstring and foldable design that allows you to hold it up for height, coverage and warmth, or fold it back to reveal the Canada Goose logo and add visibility in low-light conditions for further customization. style. In addition to Cypress and Crofton fold-down puffer boots, the campaign features a selection of lightweight clothing and clothing that can be worn in layers to allow for individual style and expression.

Great companions for winter, the Cypress Puffer (€1,095) and Grafton Puffer (€1,025) take warmth and volume to the next level. Made from recycled feather-light-ripstop fabric, both duvets fold into an inside pocket for easy storage on the go. The Muskoka Hoody (€350), as well as the Muskoka and Huron Crewnecks (€325) and Muskoka and Huron Pants (€250) are made to ensure all-day comfort and softness. Canada Goose clothing and outerwear are designed to be worn together: from cold, bright nights to car trips and more, the brand preserves these lifestyle essentials that require layering. Inspired by natural elements, open skies, vast mountains and fresh air, this season’s collection features colors like jasper green, ozone blue, black, atlantic navy and silverbirch.

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HUMANATURE is Canada Goose’s purpose platform, which integrates initiatives based on sustainability and values ​​that outline the brand’s mission to keep the planet cool and the people who inhabit it warm. Canada Goose is committed to keeping the planet cool through its sustainability strategy, supporting the planet and the environment. Building on its illustrious heritage, the brand physically and symbolically embraces people through products, empowering communities, people and culture.

The Canada Goose Fall Winter 2022 collection is available at Canada Goose stores and To get exclusive access to the brand’s news, limited edition collections and unique experiences, you can register on the Basecamp social platform.

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