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Vulnerability alert, your smartphone is at risk: check if your phone is one of them

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A new wave of reports about a security vulnerability. The stakes are also of interest to some of the higher range.

It is a very risky time in terms of network security. New alerts about capabilities appear almost daily Malware attacks and phishing Very dangerous for users. The last of these concerns specifically Android, with a bug in Linux Kernel 5.10.2

A new critical vulnerability has been found in the kernel of Android 5.10. Best-in-class devices like the Samsung Galaxy S22 and Google Pixel 6 (Adobe Stock) will also be at risk.

A detail that should not be underestimated, considering that the above version is also present Samsung Galaxy S22 and on Google Pixel 6. This issue allows attackers to obtain higher permissions, which grant access to arbitrary reads and writes. It appears that Google has already reported the incident.

The vulnerability is on Android, the affected kernel is 5.10

The kernel is a kind of core of the operating system, capable of controlling everything. It was Zhenpeng Lin’s expert declaration vulnerability identification And to deliver it through his Twitter profile. According to what has appeared, so far, the problem affects all Android devices that have installed Kernel version 5.10. Want to check immediately if your phone is also at risk? Just go to Settings, About phone and Android version. So he must stop you Whatever you are looking for.

Android 20220708 vulnerability
There is a very quick way to find out if your phone is also affected by the problem. Potential risks not confirmed (Adobe Stock)

At the moment it is not explained in detail How can the problem be exploited? Zhenpeng Lin himself simply posted a proof of the flaw, failing to explain the risks to users. Now it will be Big G’s job to provide a file Update to fix the problem. We’ll definitely be talking about it again in the coming weeks, with an announcement that may come straight from the Mountain View giant. Meanwhile, there is a cash prize for the user who reported the error in time.

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