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font problems? Iliad arrives and fills up with Giga at a new discounted price

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Iliad is extending and improving the Flash 120 show, renaming it “Flash 120 2023,” and extending it until 10:00 on January 10th. EU roaming passes to 8GB per month, as required by law. The promotional cost of the subscription is €7.99 per month. Let’s find out all the details of the offer.

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cost remains 7.99 euros per month In perpetuity, the monthly package limit for data roaming within the EU has been increased to 8 GBas required by law, through December 31, 2023, and renamed “Flash 120 2023: is the new view of The Iliadwhich we can consider a kind of “twin” of the Flash 120 show, or its evolution, completed yesterday, Thursday, December 29th.

It is possible to subscribe to the offer directly Onlinethrough the official website of the Iliad, or by going physically In the company’s corner stores and kiosks scattered across the country, bearing in mind that the only accepted method of payment is via paper.

As for Roaming Moreover, within the European Union, the company has decided to introduce the increase, starting from yesterday From 7 to 8 gigabytes For Internet traffic for all of its tariff offerings, though the change is due from 2023According to the legislation.

Services included in the Iliad show “Flash 120 2023” and activation costs

Presentation of Iliad Flash 120 2023 December 30, 2022
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Show “Flash 120 2023” from The Iliad includes 120 GB monthly traffic for surfing the Internet using a 4G + connection, Unlimited minutes To all national mobile and landline numbers (as well as to many international destinations) Ed Unlimited text messages. In addition, the maximum speed announced by the company is in downloads Significantly increased, a 587.4 Mbps compared to 390 previously, on 4G and 4G + networks, while the network under load remained unchanged, that is, on 50 Mbps.

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The cost of activating the offer includes the purchase of a new SIM card at a price 9.99 eurosto which is added the cost of the first monthly subscription for 7.99 euros, for a total of 17.98 euros. New customers will be able to decide whether to order Mobility From your number from another local operator, or whether you want to activate one the new.

For more information about the offer, and possibly also to subscribe, on this link It is possible to visit the section dedicated to the promotion on Official site The Iliad. Alternatively, the launcher is also available via Phone No. 177, every day, including holidays, from 8 to 22.

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