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Nicolas Cage is Dracula in the first photos from the Renfield Collection | Cinema

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filming RenfieldNew Chris McKay movie with Nicholas Hoult and with him Nicolas Cage in turn DraculaThey officially started a few weeks ago, at the beginning of February but we haven’t yet had a chance to see anything except for a photo of the clapperboard used to announce the start of processing and a video from Nicholas Hoult training (Details here).

thanks for the People Magazine We can now like Nicolas Cage In the role of Dracula and Nicholas Hoult as Renfield and in some photos from the set in New Orleans.

You can reach them thanks to the tweet below:

In an interview published a few days ago to GQNicolas Cage, speaking of Dracula in Renfield, specifies that to bring him to the big screen, he draws inspiration from Thin White Duke, one of the identities assumed by David Bowie during his extraordinary career.

In the direction of the feature film we find Chris McKaythe former director of Tomorrow’s war With Chris Prattwhich will also appear as a product.

In Bram Stoker’s novel, R.M. Renfield is a patient admitted to Dr. Seward’s shelter who is convinced he must feed on as many lives (including insects and birds) as possible to live longer.

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