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Batman: Barry Keoghan is the Joker in a scene long ago deleted! | Cinema

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There was a lot of talk about a deleted scene from Batman Where the Dark Knight played by Robert Pattinson first met the Joker, who played him Barry kyogan. Well, director Matt Reeves has now released this five-minute long scene (you can see it in 4K above). This is the classic interrogation, as the Joker helps Batman create a profile for the Riddler.

The Joker is glimpsed in the theatrical film’s conclusion, when Riddler (Paul Dano) talks to him from his Arkham cell.

Reeves You may talk about this deleted sceneAnnouncing it online:

The deleted scene, which we’ll shoot at some point, is a scene where Batman is being tortured because Riddler writes to him and he doesn’t understand why, so he starts wanting to investigate this murder.

So he goes to another killer he actually met in the first two years, and he’s not exactly the killer we know. [..] Here we have a joker not a joker yet. In the scene that you will see in the future you will notice the work we have done on its appearance. We put it in a way that creates suspense, visually far away, I wanted to create a version of the unique character but at the same time respect his roots.

This joker’s smile is driven by pathology:

He has a congenital disease, he does not stop smiling. […] danger to me Mant Elephant Because I love David Lynch, so I suggested:maybe [questo Joker] He didn’t fall into a vat of chemicals and it’s not like Nolan’s full of scars whose source is unknown. What if something prevents him from birth from stopping laughing? What if he had this very dark reaction after spending his life being observed in a certain way by people?“.

Reeves concluded by saying that Jokera was completely absent from the film’s montage, but the final sequence was kept to give more force to Selina Kyle’s last words that “Gotham will never change.”

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Later the director He talked about the character again:

What you see is kind of pre-Joker actually. It’s about Konrad Wedd, a the man who laughsIt is the reference used by Bob Kane and Bill Finger. This guy clearly has some congenital disease. He’s kind of a phantom of the opera, he can’t smile. Rather than being an Elephant-Man story in which a strange exterior conceals inner beauty, it creates for him his own nihilistic version of the world and a somewhat malevolent understanding of human nature. This is where this guy’s psyche will come from.

Batman Starring Robert Pattinson, Zoe Kravitz, Paul Dano, Colin Farrell and Jeffrey Wright, it hits theaters March 3. Find all the information about the movie directed by Matt Reeves In our tab.

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