October 1, 2023

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Hockey, Italian Sniperine Crt Champion: Scudetto in Civitavecchia

Hockey, Italian Sniperine Crt Champion: Scudetto in Civitavecchia

The company that makes the history of inline hockey in Civitavecchia. Sniperine Crt won the Scudetto final 2-1 against Devil Girls Vicenza in Legnaro and became the champion of Italy. It is also a great success because the team of Martina Gavazzi and Riccardo Valentini, in the qualifiers, first conquered the Cus Verona stilmat and now the bericas team.

A tough game against demons, with few stops, the owners try to win a possession, while Civitavecchia benefits most from the restart. Three minutes later Vicenza was in front, but Mara Faravelli equalized the result with a poisonous shot from an astronomical distance.

The result is a race where none of the contenders can outrun the other. The match should be prolonged by two extra times, as Sniperine Crt suffers a lot and is saved in different circumstances. But five minutes from the end, it’s a reboot to the right to award the Scudetto: author captain Veronica Novelli, who manages to break through the Devil Girls’ cage.

Having put Scudetto on the box with U18 and U12, Cv Skating is now guaranteed an absolute championship, after a season that did not give such hopes, with a third place in the regular season and no Champions League victory.

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