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Fines also for those who benefit from charging poles, everyone benefits

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Electric cars and charging stations in cities are increasing. But it’s not all rosy and flowery. In fact, as a result, the ‘cunning’ of charging stops also increases. Who risks penalties? How much do they cost? Here’s everything you need to know!

Penalties for improper use of charging stations – Motori.News

The switch to electricity radically changes the habits of consumers. More and more car manufacturers want to speed up the transition to this new way of experiencing the car. In the coming years we will see more and more hybrid and electric cars on our roads. Moreover, recently, All cities large and small are increasing the number of charging stations for cars in circulation. For example, in Rome – by 2025 – the number of places to recharge your electric car could almost triple and reach 5000!

But there is a big problem. Or rather, there is also Crafty electric poles! Unfortunately, there are rude and stingy people in every field and sector. But now the situation is regulated. In fact, In the latest infrastructure and transportation decision, the problem of electric parking was raised. From this moment on, scammers will be discouraged from improper use of parking in cargo areas. What does the electric parking law state? Here’s what you need to know and what the penalties are!

Penalties for those who exploit electricity poles in a way that exceeds all standards!

practically, From now on, a distinction will be made between parking spaces and recharging spaces. Previously, downtime would always be allowed, But – obviously – only electric cars. However, in places of recharging, it will only be possible to stop and charge the car exclusively. The time is also regulated.

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Violations charging stations
Cunning electric charging. Here are the sanctions at risk – Motori.News

Now we come to the fines. If the user is equipped with a car with an internal combustion engine that will park in a place designated for electric cars, the penalty will be 87 euros. will come down to 41 EUR In case you put the bike in the wrong place!

As for the recharging of electric cars in the places of recharging – as we mentioned – it will be possible to stop only if there is an actual need to recharge and use the poles! All this to avoid any abuse by the usual exploiters!

The standard from now on provides that Anyone who stops in the recharging space without actually recharging their vehicle should be punished with a fine of 87 euros. The same is true for those who have to extend the pause in the charging space by more than an hour compared to actually completing a battery recharge!

In addition, there may be deities at different charging stations sensors To detect any unauthorized or excessively prolonged stops! Hard life, therefore, for the cunning of electric recharging!

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