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Nicola Adobati from Bergamo: “The hero of a film about the withdrawal from Russia”

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The actor is from Bergamo Nicholas Adobeti He is the protagonist in cinema. He is in the midst of the scenes of “La seconda via”, which will appear on the big screen from Thursday 26 January: it will be shown in many theaters throughout Italy and in Bergamo it will be shown in the Capitol (Thursday and Friday at 7.45 pm; Saturday and Sunday at 2.30 p.m.; Monday and Wednesday at 5.30 p.m.; Tuesday at 7.30 p.m.).

We interviewed Nicola Adobeti to find out more.

How was this project born?

The film, directed by director Alessandro Garelli, tells the story of the withdrawal from Russia, which took place in January 1943. The protagonists of the film are six Albinis who, together with a mule, try to conquer one of Italy’s most difficult stages of the Second World. war. The story, in fact, takes place from the moment the withdrawal was announced: the Alpini were surrounded and the only solution was to travel 200 kilometers with the Russians on their heels, risking being captured and ending up in labor camps. Everything happens in extravagant conditions, and he suffers from hunger, thirst, fatigue and the cold of the freezing Russian winter, trying to get back to base camp.

Why is it called the “second way”?

The title derives from the fact that the first road is one that Albini finds themselves traveling on the snow, while the second—referred to in the title—is about memories, hopes and dreams. The context was so dramatic that it left no choice but to take refuge in this other dimension. The story is so violent it amazed us that it hadn’t been told before.

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What character is he playing?

I play as Ferry, one of the six heroes of the Alps. It embodies the mythical figure of the mule driver, and a symbol and element of Albini lore. I take this opportunity to thank Mr. Piero Dolci of Sedrina, who directed me to discover the mules and gave me the opportunity to drive them. My character is Bergamaschità: I put a lot of my grandfather and other people I meet into this role. He has a strong spirit, he keeps the group’s morale high, always has a joke ready and never lets himself get frustrated by events, he is able to defuse even in the most difficult moments. As is typical of people from Bergamo, he exudes strength and determination in times of trouble.

The Second Way - Film - Nicola Adobati

And how is the relationship with the other cast members?

Participating in this project has been a very nice experience. Relations are very good with the other actors and with the director, Alessandro Garelli, the captain and the commander. The production process was rather slow: it took ten years but produced excellent results. Spending so much time together allowed us to be especially united: everyone did their best to honor Albini’s memory. As Garelli often says, it’s not a war movie but a movie about men at war. He recounts a tragedy that affected not only the men working at the front, but also their wives, girlfriends, and family members. It’s a story that goes beyond historical context, and has little depth at the school level. There is still little talk about this: it is worth talking about those young men who were left without sufficient arming or equipment. They worked in a patriotic spirit, and not for fascism: they were moved by the desire to make themselves useful to the country. They were young men from other times: they showed a great spirit of sacrifice and sacrificed themselves in order to meet some exorbitant circumstances.

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Finally, what are your upcoming plans for the future?

At the moment I am shooting another movie and a play.

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