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Fire rain on the Donbass. Trump: ‘With me in office, no Russian invasion’

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The brutal Russian artillery attacks on Donbass do not stop“. Volodymyr Zelensky Words were not uttered to describe the situation in the eastern quarter of Ukraine. Meanwhile, from Alaska Donald Trump He reiterated that with him in the White House, the Russians would never invade Ukraine. Meanwhile, one’s story takes center stage gas turbines The gas pipeline Nord Stream 1, has just been repaired by Canada and returned to Berlin. It would allow the acceleration of the flow of gas from Russia, which sent Ukraine into a state of frenzy, which urged the Canadian government not to return the piece, saying that such a decision would violate the integrity of sanctions imposed on Moscow.

Fighting in Donbass

Let’s go in order. In his now usual evening address to the nation, Zelensky spoke of “terrorist acts“Based on Russian raids in Donbass. “They can only be stopped with powerful modern high-definition weapons“Then he thanked the United States for its military support to Kiev,” the Ukrainian president added.I am grateful to the United States for its decision to provide more HIMARS launchers and other weapons that allow us to take precise counter-terrorism measures and reduce the potential for a Russian strike.“I have announced.”We will do our best to break the terrorist potential of the occupiersZelensky concluded.

The accusations, as always, are mutual. If the Ukrainians point the finger at the Russians, the pro-Russians in the Donetsk People’s Republic claim that the Ukrainian army bombed Donetsk Western weapons. Specifically, with 155 mm guns, which is the NATO standard caliber. “On Sunday, the Ukrainian armed forces subjected residential areas of Donetsk to intense bombardment with 155 mm rifles, a NATO caliber standard.”, said the representative office of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR). In any case, the epicenter of the conflict can fall in the territory of DonetskKremlin forces are trying to seize the last remaining settlements under Ukrainian control.

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turmoil of contention

there Germany It is facing severe gas shortages and is threatened by further pressure of Russian gas from Moscow. All in the case of pipeline gas turbines Nord Stream 1 – The turbine owned by Gazprom – it should not be returned to you after repair. The Canada He must arrange for it to be repaired and returned to the German government. His return will supportEurope’s ability to obtain reliable and affordable energy while moving away from Russian oil and gas‘,” reads a note from Energy Canada.

Thus, sending turbines from Canada to Europe will increase the volume of gas supplies via Nord Stream, which sends fuel from Russia to Germany via the Baltic Sea. German Economy Minister, Robert HabeckHe asked Canada to solve the problem, and asked to send the turbine to Germany, not Russia. The Ottawa decision, as mentioned, threatens to anger Ukraine.

Trump: ‘No Russian invasion with me in the White House’

Meanwhile, Donald Trump also reiterated in Anchorage, Alaska, that he is with him at the White House.There won’t be anyRussian invasion Ukraine“.”If the elections went differently, – The former US president announced to his supporters – We wouldn’t have left Afghanistan this way, leaving billions of dollars in military equipment, and there was no Ukrainian disaster with hundreds of thousands of dead.“.”We must win clearly to prevent left-wing extremists from stealing our elections this time,” the businessman said, promising that “in 2024 we will take back this wonderful White House.”“.

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