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New weekly programming for the Spazio Uno cinema in Florence

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Here is the schedule Cinema Spazio Uno in Florence (Via Del Sol, 10) It From Thursday 1 to Wednesday 6 December 2022 The following films will be shown:

“Pleasure Is Everything” by Sophie Hyde
Presented at the Sundance Film Festival, “Good Luck to You, Leo Grande” is the new comedy directed by Sophie Hyde, in her third feature film. The Australian director brings to the screen a script signed by Englishwoman Katie Brand, who is primarily active in television as an interpreter and author, telling the story of a pimp and his appointments with a woman no longer in her prime. With the exception of two quick trips outside the four walls of the room, “The Pleasure Is All Mine” takes place entirely in a hotel room, which suggests that the play was perfect for stage performance. The script betrays this almost theatrical component, rooted in the dialogues and above all in the interpretation given by Emma Thompson. Nancy often breaks out into long monologues that are brilliantly written and perfect for an actress known for roles of silent women, but she nonetheless brings out the feeling that we are dealing with a character born from a pen. A lighthearted and “crunchy” comedy that does not disdain a deeper level of psychoanalysis on themes of identity and self-development, “Pleasure Is All Mine” entertains and engages thanks to lively and tight dialogues, brilliantly conducted by Emma Thompson in a wonderful dusting that makes for an unforgettable role. Young Irish actor Darrell McCormack keeps her company for one of those rehearsals that risks christening a future star. Together, they rhyme with gags, misunderstandings, failed approaches and – slowly – a more intimate acquaintance that betrays the initial intentions of a professional relationship and two imaginary identities. We often speak of auditions for ‘gritty’ acting, and Thompson in particular cannot fail to regard him as such. By literally stripping in front of a mirror, the actress bears the weight of uncomfortable conversations not just about sexuality, but about a woman’s body—especially of a certain age—and how and to what extent she can show herself. Emma Thompson and Darrell McCormack: Their perfect harmony is the “fun is all mine” spirit.

Thursday 01/12 3.45pm – * 5.30pm – 7.15pm – * 9.00pm
Fri 02/12 16:00 – 17:45 – * 19:30 – 21:15
Saturday 03/12 at 16:00 – * 17:45 – * 19:30 – 21:15
Sunday 04/12 at * 15: 45 – 17:30 – 19:15 – 21:00
* Starred projections in English + Subs.

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“Franco Battiato – The Teacher’s Voice” by Marco Spagnoli
Produced by RS Productions and ITsART, the broadcasting platform dedicated to Italian art and culture, the event film Franco Battiato – La Voce del Padrone is a journey into the music and life of Battiato, through his most important performances, archival photographs and the stories of exceptional witnesses who have recounted his story and his personality to us.
Accompanying the viewer on this journey is Stefano Cinardi, one of the greatest Italian record producers, author of the film with director, and close friend of Franco Battiato. From Milan to Milo, in the house of Franco Battiato, Cinardi meets very different characters: Nanni Moretti, Willem Dafoe, Oliviero Toscani, Caterina Caselli, Mara Maionchi, Morgan, Alice, Carmen Consoli, Vincenzo Mollica, Andrea Scanzi, Francesco Messina and Roberto Masotti and Francesco Cattini, Alberto Radius, Carlo Guaytoli, Corrado Fortuna, Juri Camesca, Filippo Distrieri and others who knew him well and who could give the public an insight into his music and philosophy of life.
In the event of the film we find some songs from the album “La voce del maestro” and others selected in exclusive performances. Among the main ones are: Cuccurucucù, Permanent Center of Gravity, White Flag, La Cura. The score is composed by Maestro Paolo Buonvino, laureate of David di Donatello and Nastro D’Argento and composer of music by Muccino and Moretti.

Monday 05/12 3.45pm – * 9.00pm €4.00
Tue 06/12 17:00 – 19:40

“ANNIE ERNAUX: My Super 8 Years” by Annie Ernaux and David Ernaux-Briot
“Reviewing the Super 8 films shot between 1972 and 1981, it occurred to me that these constituted not only a family archive, but also a testament to the lifestyle and aspirations of a social class in the decade after 1968. In a story that crossed intimacy, the social and the historical, to make The taste and color of these years are delicate “, says Annie Ernault, Nobel Prize for Literature 2022.” Annie Ernault – My Eight Excellent Years “, presented by her with great success with audiences and critics at the last Cannes Film Festival and at the Rome Film Festival – consists of a series of videos she shot The author and her family between 1972 and 1981 and accompanied by the narration voice of Ernaud herself. An hour of photographs, edited by his son, David Ernaud-Priot, in which personal memory also becomes an accurate portrait of a bygone age. A trunk of intimate and universal memories, a visual novel in which Erno’s writings intertwine with family films. In 1972, Annie Ernault and her husband Philippe, a town teacher and writer respectively, live in Annecy, are thirty or younger and have two young children. When they buy a Super 8 camera, it’s often what Phillip shoots. After their separation, these images remained unseen for a long time, until their son, David, revealed them. These are snapshots of family life, anniversaries, outdoor trips and some trips the four took between 1972 and 1981: Chile. Their son David imagines a new group—albeit observing chronological order—and suggests the mother add a critical and anti-descriptive commentary to them, etched in her own narrative voice. The most obvious and immediate element of “Annie Ernaux – My Super 8 Years” is the mind-blowing power of physical support plating. The film captures and recreates the temperature of the analog world, not yet accustomed to the omnipresent presence of lenses: in the first minutes of shooting, surprise and embarrassment in the expressions of those in the frame are palpable. Then the stylistic imprint (clothes, furnishings, means of transport …) of a decade, the seventies, remains a generous source of inspiration. The imitations of the situations depicted—birthday celebrations, unwrapping of Christmas presents, sporting activities, family lunches, walks in the fresh air—do not disturb, and in some moments reinforce an afterthought on gender roles, class relations, and a kind of betrayal of it. Origin, and the acquisition of female consciousness through writing as a tool of liberation.

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Tue 06/12 13/11 3.50pm – * 6.35pm €4.00
Film in French + Sub.

Botticelli and Florence – The Birth of Beauty by Marco Pianigiani
Polished painter, revolutionary portraitist, interpreter extraordinary for his time: this is Sandro Botticelli, the inventor of beauty. However, for more than three hundred years after his death, the Florentine Painter was almost completely forgotten, until he was rediscovered by Ruskin and the Pre-Raphaim in the nineteenth century. After all, Botticelli (Florence 1445 – 1510) is perhaps the person who more than anyone else managed to capture the spirit of his time. His story, his art and his contemporary rediscovery are the protagonists of “Botticelli and Florence. The Birth of Beauty”, the documentary, narrated by Yasmine Trinca, produced by Sky, Balandi and Nexo Digital and sponsored by the Municipality of Florence, created and written by Francesca Priori and directed by Marco Pianigiani, it has reached the cinema on the 28th and November 29 and 30 only. In Botticelli and Florence. The Birth of Beauty a dreamlike re-enactment, evocative images of the city and shots of extraordinary works alternate with the voices of leading international experts, scholars and art historians recounting the splendor and contradictions of Lorenzo de’ Medici’s Florence, to the discovery of an Italian Renaissance artist. With Lorenzo the Magnificent, the equivalence between art and power manifests itself in every economic, political and social sphere and takes the form of paintings, frescoes, palaces, churches and chapels. The exceptional artists who run their workshops in the heart of the city turn Florence into an open-air museum: these are the Florentine Spring Years, the discovery of America, conflicts with the Pope, and conflicts between the greats. Families of bankers and merchants. At the end of the 15th century, Florence is like New York in the 1980s, consisting of economic and cultural expansion, with trade and exchanges from everywhere. The docufilm will make it possible to restore that legendary period through the look of Botticelli, who represents those years in his works, expressing the character of his compatriots in passion for work, in fierce competitiveness and resourcefulness, in knowing how to weave the right social relations and knowing how to satisfy the desires of public clients private always.

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Mon 05/12 13/11 5.20pm – 7.15pm 8.00 €

“Secrets of the Compton House Garden” by Peter Greenaway
Tuesday 06/12 at 21:15 4.00 €
The film is in English + Sub.

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