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New tricks to save a lot

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The increases affect families severely and so Italian families are trying to figure out how to save on all fronts.

But let’s see how fair supermarket And you can save a lot on insurance specifically.


Today income is becoming increasingly low and precarious but at the same time the cost of living is increasing more and more.

Strong savings for families

In fact, due to inflation at 8%, supermarket shopping and bills have become very expensive.


But the bills for September and October will be especially high Thus for families the bite is declared very difficult. It is precisely for this reason that families seek In all ways of saving systems and experts recommend some really useful tricks Regarding the supermarket as well as regarding insurance. First of all, calculations were made about how much the average family provides Shopping in discount store Compared to those who shop in traditional supermarkets.

How to save a lot by avoiding pitfalls

Consumer groups argue this by shopping in a discount store The average family saves 3,300 euros a year. So definitely a very powerful saving especially these days. However, when you go shopping, the supermarket always gives suggestions Ultra-thin products make the consumer spend much more. In fact, it has been proven that consumers buy a lot of useless goods from the supermarket. At a time like this, this should be completely avoided, so the most effective trick is definitely to write a shopping list first In such a way that you only buy the things you really need.

Hidden Inflation and Auto Insurance Savings

But in the supermarket it is always It is necessary to compare the price per kilo of products. This is because the simple price of the products is often misleading because many food producers make it Huge packaging but with little product. But significant savings on car insurance are also possible. In fact, using sites that allow you to compare the costs of different policies that you have access to To save a lot because you can choose with a simple look The cheapest one directly.

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