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Art, Science and Organ Donation: Three days to raise awareness with Donart 2023

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Messina – a scientific, social awareness and artistic event. It is called Donarte 2023, and it returns after the success of the previous edition, with the aim of raising awareness among the population about organ donation and transplantation, through scientific conferences and an artistic event. It will be held from Friday, September 29 to Sunday, October 1, at the Palacultura, where the Donarte 2023 International Congress will be held. The initiative was presented at Palazzo Zanca, in the presence of Mayor Federico Basile, Health Policy Advisor. Alessandra Calafiore and Professor Anna Teresa Mazzeo from the Anesthesia and Resuscitation Service at the Arab Open University “G. Martin.”

Basile and Calafiore presented the event

“We want to stay close to many facts – explained Mayor Basile -. I wanted to be present because the administration wants to be there alongside the university, the hospital, the associations and the citizens. I am convinced that what we are trying to move forward can reach the consciences of all citizens. Everyone has to do their part and we are here together to do it.”

Councilor Calafiore has the same opinion: “Every administration is trying to support important initiatives and I am happy that we are once again proposing Donarte 2023, part of the InStradaME project, which the municipal administration strongly supports to combat road accidents. One of the main things will be a drink driving simulation programme, but it will “There are different initiatives. We need to raise awareness about road safety. We also need more knowledge and information about organ donation: that’s why we worked together to launch a proper media campaign.”

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Professor Mazzeo: “Reaching the city in a large-scale way”

After explaining how “the message regarding organ donation is of a scientific and artistic nature to reach citizens in a broad way”, Professor Mazzeo spoke in detail about the planned events organized by the Municipality of Messina, the University and the University Hospital “Z. Martino”, combining international scientific meetings and artistic moments. .

Workshops and simulations will be shared in Palacultura starting Friday, September 29. But on Saturday 30, it will be the turn of the artistic event, while there will also be the Donarty Prize 2023, open to men and women of all ages and nationalities, divided into five sections: pictorial or sculptural work, photography, poetry for adults, fiction for adults, literature for children.

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