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Netflix, there’s a crazy movie with Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe to catch up on now! Title and plot

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Netflix presents an unmissable movie with Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe: here’s what it’s called and what it’s about

Netflix is ​​the streaming giant, so it should always be able to offer a fair offer to those who pay a subscription to be able to watch their favorite products on the platform. Thus, hundreds of interesting titles arrive every month. Some have already been made available elsewhere, but we know that to the reassuring effect of showing something whose end is already known, some revived films and series are just as successful as if they were new.

Among the most interesting films currently available on the platform, there is one that catches our eye because it features two heroes from the world of international entertainment: actors Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe. The former is well known for the Mission: Impossible films, but also for countless other productions (remember him, for example, in Spielberg’s War of the Worlds?). The second, on the other hand, owes its fame primarily to the Gladiator movie (however, there were other films, including the latest Thor from Marvel – Thor: Love and Thunder). There is a movie that brings together these two actors that you can watch from the comfort of your home sofa! Here’s what it’s called and what it’s about.

Netflix, Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe in Unmissable Movie: Title and Plot

Both of the aforementioned actors are currently in Italy. Tom Cruise is actually filming Mission: Impossible scenes in Rome, while Russell Crowe is in Catanzaro…and no, he’s not on vacation. The Gladiator simply chose the respective Calabria location to host one of his concerts. If, like us, you don’t see them live, you can at least see them on the small screen. In fact, the two starred together in the 2017 movie The Mummy, which is available on Netflix.

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The Mummy of 2017 is a remake of the 1932 film of the same name. The film opens with a group of archaeologists being able to desecrate a crypt and awaken Ahman, a young imprisoned princess whose name evokes the goddess of chaos. In fact, the woman who was blinded by a dark force wanted to destroy everything and for this reason she was embalmed in the past.

Back to life, the mummy wants to use Morton (an archaeologist played by Tom Cruise), to regain his powers and take revenge on all of humanity. So he moves – and makes the heroes move, from the Middle East to London, and endanger the entire world. If the main actor is Cruise, then Russell Crowe has a mystery role, that of Henry Jekyll / Edward Hyde. And you? Are you going to watch this movie right away or are you going to wait longer? We didn’t spoil the ending for you on purpose, and we’re sure it will amaze you!

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