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Nardella: “I’m proud to be part of the Democratic Party, I don’t see a space in the middle”

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Matteo Renzi introduced him as “Leopoldino”, and in fact, Dario Nardella always came here. But this year is different. Away from the smiles, he is seen. Because he stayed in the Democratic Party (“and I’m proud of that,” he said). Because on Friday evening, while Renzi was opening the festival at the previous stop, he was at the book presentation of Luigi Di Maio. Because, simply put, they no longer think like the Leopolda people.

“Nardella came and she wasn’t ashamed,” Renzi said. Did you get the joke?

“Not me, and you?” Have him explain it. I am not ashamed to be here: there are many friends, I have always taken part, and, as mayor of Florence, I find it right to come and salute the Leopolda audience.”

As Mayor of Florence and an advocate of the Democratic Party…

“I’m here as mayor, but I’m proud to be part of the Democratic Party, which is different from Italy Viva, but that doesn’t mean we have to go to war. My presence is supposed to be a sign of unity, everyone is good at dividing. I don’t understand where the problem is.” ».

Perhaps the problem, for Leopoldians, was that before you came here you went to present Di Maio’s book?

Do you mean the Draghi government foreign minister’s book that we all support here? Because maybe someone will forget that we are all dragons: Pd, Italia Viva and 5 stars. Anyway, I got the applause last night with Di Maio and I also took them here with Renzi, that’s okay.”

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But Renzi beats Conte every day and defines the alliance between Pd and M5s as a populist marriage…

“There may be conflicts between leaders, but we need to look at what unites us, namely the fight against the virus and the economic recovery of the country. I agree with the approach of the Democratic Party as the axis of a broad progressive and reform camp, which should oppose the sovereigns.”

A dipole scheme, therefore, but here at Leopolda they talk about a space in the center to be occupied: are they wrong?

“I respect everyone’s ideas, but I don’t see this space. We are facing obvious bipolarity, and even more so with this electoral system, which I don’t think will change.”

The Italia Viva’s veto, like Action, seems to have an alliance with the Granite Five Stars, doesn’t it?

“It looks like it now, but the veto may fall in the future.”

Is the possibility of an early election tangible, says Renzi?

“I hope I don’t say that as mayor. It will be a dramatic scenario, because we need to continue like this, to implement NRP reforms and projects.”

So Draghi should stay at Palazzo Chigi?

“I’m not deciding what Draghi should do and I think we need more respect: you can’t keep pulling the prime minister out of the jacket on the basis of political accommodations.”

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