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Turin U19 County: Spazio Talent-Leini 3-1-

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Spazio Talent wins a tough match 3-1 against unprecedented Lein and continues its run towards the top spot in the standings.

Space Talent Lane 3-1
Scorers: 22′ pt Cani (ST), 42′ pt Alicata (ST), 3′ st Aigbidu (ST), 8′ st Lacitignola A. (L)
talent space (4-3-3): Iorfida 6,5, Russo 6 (32′ st Giarrizzo sv), Roncarati 6, Antonacci 6, Borrione 6, Restagno 6,5, Gaye 6 (14′ st Ibrahim 6), Colucci 7, Dogs 7 (26 ‘st Larocca 6), Alicata 7 (41’ st Cravero sv), Aigbidu 7 All: Dogs
flexible (4-3-3): Di Giovanni 5.5, Di Battista 5, Saouir 5.5 (42′ st Piccolo sv), Oria 5.5, Kercuku 5, Formicola 6.5 (26′ st Pisanu 5.5), Nocera 5, D’Alessandro 5 ( 1′ st Lacitignola F. 6), Bordigoni 5 (21′ st Carratello 5.5), Lacitignola A. 6.5, Comerci 5.5 (36′ st Benedetto sv) A Available: Bili, Cristiano, Serafino Coach: Toscano
Rule: Donato Luca Palladino from Turin
note: Reservations: Uriah (left), Sawyer (left) Injury time: 5 st

Spazio Talent wins a tough match 3-1 against unprecedented Lein and continues its run towards the top spot in the standings.
The first half was scintillating, with the two teams facing each other openly, leaving room for several setbacks in the face and giving the attackers several chances. The visitors start better, who after just a minute of the game can already take the lead with D’Alessandro, the striker in the yellow jersey but who sees the cry in his throat choked by the talent defender on the goal line space. The Bianconeri react, creating two potential scoring chances with Aigbidu and Gaye but in both Di Giovanni is good at blocking and setting up. But the goal was in the air and came a little later with the usual Kani, who was the fastest to place a corner kick, pounced on the left ball in the penalty area after a challenge and managed to throw it into the net with a corner kick. Low shot. Lin is not discouraged, however, and stays in the match and within half an hour they have an exciting double chance for a draw, but first Nocera and then Commercy fail to beat Ayurveda. An inaccuracy in front of goal could cost the visiting team dearly; In fact, at the end of the first half, Spazio Talent punished them by finding a double: Gay crossed from the left, the defender of Lin released the ball and the ball fell to the feet of Alicata who surprised Di Giovanni with a shot from the edge of the area with a low shot that passed under the goalkeeper’s legs. So we rest 2-0 in favor of the hosts. The second half began with the end of the first half with another goal for the Bianconeri in the score. To sign the trio of Spazio Talent Egbedo, who pounced on a ball lost by the opposition in his own attacking line and hit Di Giovanni with a shot into the bottom left corner. For Lin it seems like a cold shower, but even the third goal conceded by the Bianconeri did not disturb the spirit of the Toscano boys. Indeed, the players in the yellow jersey did not give up and five minutes later found the goal with Lacitignola A. The striker grabbed the ball on the edge of the penalty area and advanced and kicked with his left foot under the crossbar. Where Irveda could not reach. Lin believes it and in the remaining minutes of the match tries everything to reopen the match; However, Talent Space fought off the host’s charge and claimed their seventh consecutive win.

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report cards
talent space
Ayurvedic 6.5: He allows his team to close out the first half with a score of 2-0 thanks to some providential saves
Russian 6: He does not lack in audacity, sometimes too hasty (from 32 ‘st Giarrizzo sv)
Roncarati 6He does not push as usual, dedicates himself to the defensive phase, and accepts little for the attackers
Antonacci 6You can hardly see him but he does a valuable job in the middle of the field
Buryoni 6Controls opponent’s attacks well
Remaining 6.5: He is always attentive and focused
Guy 6After a good first half, he falls in the second half (from 14 Ibrahim St. 6)
Colucci 7: He handles the ball and sets the pace of the game like a true veteran
7 dogs: Score like a real predator from the box (from 26’st Larocca 6)
Alice 7: In addition to the goal, he has some good play (from 41 ‘st Cravero sv)
Ibidu 7: He works hard and runs a lot, rewarding himself by scoring the 3-0 goal with a surgical precision shot

About John 5,5: He could probably have done something more on at least one of the first two goals conceded
by Baptist 5: makes a lot of technical mistakes
Photo 5.5: A bit erratic, alternating between good plays and some omissions (from 42 ‘st Piccolo sv)
time 5.5: A bit uncertain in some defensive tackles
Kirkoku 5Not making a decision on high balls and in some tackles
6.5 ants: the playmaker of the team, the ball at his feet, always creating something (from 26 ‘st Pisanu 5,5)
Nut 5: too many errors during setup
D’Alessandro 5: not very accurate in front of the goal (from 1 ‘el Lacetignola F. 6: comes close to scoring after a minute, the team activates)
Bordoni 5: Anonymous performance (from 21 ‘st Carratello 5,5)
Lacegnola A 6.5: Fighting for all the balls, the goal-sacrificing spirit is rewarded
Commerce 5.5: He runs and works hard, but is indecisive in attack (from 36′ st Benedetto sv)

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