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Poccetti, his name is now forever Pista di via Etruria named after a hockey pioneer

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The skating rink on Via Etruria is now named after Giuliano Bochetti, the founder of the city’s first hockey league. The event was attended by the Puccitti family, his wife, daughter and granddaughters, representatives of SCS 84, and Mayor Andrea Benigni.

Founder as a kid—in 1953 when he was 13—of the city’s first hockey league, Poccetti was a player when Follonica first went to Serie A, and was a coach and then a kids’ coach, and head of the youth and youth divisions. Longtime President Follonica Hockey. Not only that: Poccetti was for a long time within the national administrative apparatus, first in the National Hockey Committee on the rink, then in the National League as president, and then head of the technical sector from 1984 to 1997 (a period rich in sports results with 3 world championship wins).

“Poccetti was a man who lived in hockey and gave so much of himself to the sport and the city – mayor Andrea Benini – commented. Of all his experiences, the indelible mark of SCS 84 remains. The Cassarello track, which until then had no definite connotation. , which has since become a symbol of a dream and which for a decade was the second home or perhaps even the first home of Giuliano Poccetti”.

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