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Britishvolt failed, saying goodbye to the ambitious British gigafactory project

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to blythea city of 37,000 inhabitants in the north of England, situated on the banks of a river North Sea2023 is already a very dark year: farewell to British Voltthe dream of a large electric car battery factory e 200 people are unemployed. Even worse, the nascent electric vehicle industry started the year, taking a severe beating.
On the outskirts of Blyth, 15 kilometers north of Newcastle, English “Motor Valley”.the huge Britishvolt plant had to be built, A startup that designed the largest giant factory in all of Europe: It will also serve mainland auto makers.

Many renderings, few capitals

For at least two years, dozens of newspapers, TV channels and websites have been in circulation submit – make for the imposing factory, which he would occupy 93 hectares. However, only the defaults will remain: The company was placed into extraordinary management this morning, laying off most of its 232 employees with immediate effect. Staff were briefed on the news at an all-staff meeting. Bankruptcy is not only a setback for electric transport, but also for the British government: the Britishvolt has been hailed as a tangible sign of the electoral programme.leveling upAnd a great opportunity to boost the region’s economy and support the future of the British car industry.

The company is at the end of the line

But Britishvolt is struggling to turn a profit and has run out of money in the meantime. And so the board of directors, which had not received any valid offers to keep the company afloat, had little choice but to decide on Monday to lower the shutter. £3.8 billion factory They were part of a long-term vision to ramp up UK production of electric vehicle batteries and create around 3,000 skilled jobs.

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