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“My 6-year-old son died, this is what happened when the non-vaccinators learned about it” –

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Billy Paul never wanted to share this story. Then he felt compelled to do so.
in early january, Her 6-year-old son, Jackson, died In an accident at home, doctors say of a rare condition that unexpectedly hit a child and he fainted. The paramedics revived him “but it was too late to save his head. Of course I could hold his hand and look at the little birthmark on it, comb his hair and call him, say his name, but he gave no sign of life,” the father wrote in the American newspaper. Atlantic Ocean.

Imagine the tsunami of grief that swept over Paul and his family. Jackson was fine. He played peace with his two older sisters. The Christmas break had just ended, when “an even greater agony and despair overwhelmed us. I can’t think of anything worse.” A few days after his son died, Paul posted a couple of lines on Twitter to remember that a fundraiser was opened in his name to fund an art project at the school she was attending, a class she was very fond of.
First notification.
Then the second.
Then the tenth, the hundredth, in a few days, plugging his phone into the thousands Comments accusing him of killing her child. A bunch of extremists no vax Target Ball and his family Blaming them for vaccinating Jackson against Covid and thus causing his death.

Nothing desperate of the little boy’s story, none of what happened: Literally, Thousands of people assaulted a man, a father, through social media in the most difficult days of his lifeto. “There were those who offered me condolences at first and then asked if I didn’t feel guilty for what I had done,” Paul wrote.

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The letters were so many that he had to Giving his social profiles to friends to manage who – while organizing the funeral of his youngest son with his wife – responded or reported the accusations to various publications Facebook and Twitter never intervened to stop the wave of senseless insults.

on the contrary. Something inexplicable happened on Facebook: “One day, those people who didn’t do this started writing under an old post of mine that I was a murderer.” Paul reported everything to social media support and received a message telling him the comment didn’t violate the Community Standards. Hence, the non-vax extreme users were not banned and their posts were not deleted.

Paul is a journalist He is a manager Cardinal and Bno, a newspaper from North Carolina, USA. After what happened to him, he realized that Many other people like him, who have been struck by sudden grief, have also had to contend with violent aggression via social media from these extremists. keyboard use and often spread fake news. It doesn’t just happen in the United States. The power of these groups overwhelms men and women around the world who have lost children and fathers, and fills the web with misinformation, but they also have the power to influence politics (think of the story of the former New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern).

Some non-militant groups seem to “work” in a subtle fashion. The American newspaper Business interested reports that in some cases, like vultures, they search the web for the words “death” and “sudden”. When they recognize their next victim, they lash out with all their might potential violence. Thus, a storm of unjustified, groundless, aggressive and dangerous insults is added to the pain of losing a loved one. Unprotected and defenseless coming from Social networks that, in these cases, risk becoming a land without rules.

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His story of despair and injustice, Paul would never have told us if it were an anomaly, if it were one. It never occurred to him that it could become an opening Atlantic Ocean, one of the world’s leading newspapers. But realizing I’m not alone, I thought, ‘We have to say what’s going on, and we have to say it out loud.’”

Paul and his wife decided to donate little Jackson’s organs, saving the lives of four other children, and together they are convinced they have no doubt: vaccinating their children was the right and loving choice.

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