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You can have anything you want if you are willing to give up everything you have.

“I cry and have panic attacks” –

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Germany, 29-year-old heiress: “Sometimes I was cold and cruel, I would be independent.” In the past she was criticized for her outings for forced labor amid Nazi insanity: ‘Bahelsen was not guilty of anything’

“Some sad news. I leave Bahlsen group. I do this for personal reasons, and I am sure that Alexander Koenen will now be a great captain of our ship. To my current colleagues, and to my colleagues in the past, I want to say one thing (…) ». And so begins the message that was posted three days ago on LinkedIn by Verena Bahlsen, 29, the fourth generation of the German butter biscuit dynasty that in 1893 laid the foundations of its success on a biscuit named after the philosopher Leibniz: it would feed entire cohorts. Verena Bahlsen Papers The company employs 2,750 employees and has a turnover of 540 million Because the pressure was too much. “Sometimes I was unkind, impatient, interrupted people when I should have listened to them and was cold and tough when I should have been softer,” she wrote in her long farewell to her 5,450 followers on social media. And it’s impossible, now, not to think of some of his most miserable outings, as he said in 2019 to Build who – which His company “treated well” Polish workers deported from Poland and Ukraine on cattle carts amid Nazi insanity.. It happened before me, and in any case we paid the forced laborers the same amount we paid the Germans and treated them well. Bahlsen was guilty of anything».

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Desire to earn

But it wasn’t the only statement not thought of that year: at a marketing conference he said how happy he was to own it. A quarter of the family business And be a goal for the future to earn a lot to be able to achieve yacht purchase. Today his dreams have diminished. Blame it on panic attacks, crying fits, that feeling of inferiority and embarrassment for moments of fear and insecurity. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication from New York University and an MBA from King’s College LondonToday, Verena Bahlsen is preparing to break new ground. “I love brands and the way they become a way to connect people. I like to take some time to learn how people come up with stories that inspire others next. I’d like to learn to write, really. Do an internship on a cinematography site. I think I want to work independently in the brand creation and positioning sector.” Finally, I asked to tell her if someone was looking for someone like her. But he specifies, however, that he still needs a few more weeks to “surf, sit on the beach, and be eerily unproductive”. The appeal is accompanied by a black and white close-up of her, alluding to her smiling and covering her chin with her right hand. “My psychiatrist took this picture – Explained. It seemed to me that he had succeeded.

Pride in the supermarket

Dozens of affectionate messages were commented on his greeting and certificates of appreciation for his courage to separate. But there has been no shortage of critical voices for those who, for example, dislike LinkedIn, a platform created in 2002 to promote professional connections, is becoming a stage of self-awareness. Especially since many other professionals, who are experiencing the same problem, don’t have the same chance as Verena to stop and start over. “Now when I go to the supermarket, I stop in front of the cookie rack and think about the amount of work behind it. I feel so proud and happy for such a beautiful result.”Working with you changed meMaybe for the better. We’ll see.

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