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Father slams his 3-year-old son’s killer, shocked in court-

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In Ohio in a horrific double crime trial, the accused man was punched and arrested. 22-year-old Desien Brown stabbed Tony Hughes’ ex-partner to death and then also killed the child because he didn’t want him to testify.

In the courtroom punches the accused man His son killed a three-year-old boy. An attack that cost him a week in prison for contempt of court. Happened three days ago in Hamilt0n (Ohio, United States) The official video released from the courtroom was widely circulated.

Snapshots of Father Tony Hughes suddenly appearduring the hearing, He rushes towards the defense table and grabs 22-year-old Dessian Brown from behind And punched, did not stop him only the intervention of some customers. The case was also dealt with Washington Postrecounting the horrific events that occurred on December 5, 2020, when Brown, in front of the child, stabbed his girlfriend Nitisha Lattimore, former partner of Hughes, to death and the mother of little Nylo.

Six days after the murder of the alleged killer He would put the woman’s body in a body bag, the special bag ordered on eBay, and throw it at the Purple People Bridge in Cincinnati along the Ohio River. A few days later, it is not clear when the child, who may still be alive, was thrown into the river. Her little body was never found. Children were killed, according to investigations, out of the fact that the man was afraid that Nilo would testify against him.

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But why would Brown kill Nitisha? A Cincinnati police investigator told the judge that the woman was pregnant but would prefer an abortion. So his partner decided to take revenge by planning months of the crime in advance. As for Hughes, a friend of hers said in court that Tonio did what everyone else would do.

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