Home entertainment More than 20 years later, Jack Black is ready for the sequel to this popular comedy

More than 20 years later, Jack Black is ready for the sequel to this popular comedy

More than 20 years later, Jack Black is ready for the sequel to this popular comedy

Richard Linklater's wild 2003 musical comedy will have a sequel: A Word from Jack Black! The actor admitted that he wouldn't think twice about bringing Dewey Finn back to the screen. But not only that: there may be a second season starring another popular comedy!

In the era of reboots and consequencesthere may be a movie in the works that will excite rock 'n' roll fans… and Black Jack. The actor is currently on everyone's lips thanks to the viral cover of My love again to Britney Spears, and confirmed her intentions. He wants to bring it back to the big screen School of rock For the second chapter!

Reached by JOE's online magazine, Star Kung Fu Panda 4 “I'm ready. I wish he was there,” he declared School of Rock 2: Electric Boogaloo “. Reference to the sequel to the musical comedy break in' (1984) entitled Breaking 2: Electric Boogaloo. This is not the first time Black has revealed his intentions. However, knowing the star's sarcastic and unpredictable temperament, his words should be taken with a grain of salt.

Also in January, California referenced the popular 2003 comedy, directed by… Richard Linklater. During an interview with SiriusXMAnd the actor and Kyle Gassof which the black color i D is stubbornThey even raised the bar. Their ambition is to achieve not only Sequel to School of Rockbut also from Stubborn D and Fate Rock (2006). An ugly comedy film directed by Liam Lynch The film tells the story of two musicians who dream of becoming great rock stars. The theft of a magic feather from a rock and roll museum leads them into a direct musical battle with the Devil, played by… David Grohlthe drummer Foo fighters.

On that occasion, Gus joked, assuming something A hybrid between School of Rock and Tenacious DTitle: Dr. School Let's go back to the present. Black added that in School of Rock's hypothetical second act, he would like to work with the screenwriter again Mike White (Creator White lotus) which he also played in the film Ned SchneblyDewey's friend.

Mike wrote the first movie and he is a genius. If he wants to make a sequel, it will happen. But now he's very busy with The White Lotus, the best show on TV. I love that series.

School of Rock: The story and cast of the popular comedy starring Jack Black

Aspiring rock star Dewey Finn (Black Jack) His band had just deserted him, that is No vacation. When he is mistaken for his roommate Ned (Mike White), finds himself unexpectedly in a professorship, appointed as a replacement for a prestigious position Horace Greene. Dewey began to take the wrong position, as he was unwilling to respect the rules of the strict principle Rosalyn Mullins (Joan Cusack). Furthermore, he struggles to connect with students.

The situation changes radically when Finn attends the music practices of some of his students and is amazed by their talents. So he convinces them to form a group and participate in the competition. However, the project will be hampered by some parents and a tip-off from Ned's insufferable girlfriend, who blows Dewey's cover…


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