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More than 1,100 exhibitors from over 40 countries: Expo Riva Shoe & Cartabox is back and already a great international success

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Riva del Garda. Beyond 1100 exhibitors from more than 40 countries (44% European and 56% non-EU) (10% more than June 2022). Cambodia, Canada, Ivory Coast and New Zealand New countries are in the pavilions for the first time. After China, Brazil, Canada and Italy, But India, Germany, France, Portugal, Turkey, Poland, England, USA, Pakistan, Peru, El Salvador. This is a short list of some of the existing countries 98th edition of Expo Riva Shoe & Cardabox Opens today Saturday 14 January 2023 Says everything about the international nature of the event It has once again proven to be an essential business booster for the international footwear and leather goods sector.

“The point is clear: We are now at the exit of the long tunnel the pandemic has thrown us through. If we have already seen the light in the last version, today It can be said that the footwear and leather goods market is growingWe have a feeling it can Return to high levels by 2024». These are the words of the president of the Riva del Garda Fiercongress. Robert Pellegrini.

Positive market forecasts are reflected In the numbers that Riva puts into the event field 1,108 exhibitors from more than 100 countries see buyers responding. At Expo Riva Schuh & Gardabags a vivid representation of how the global interdependence of the footwear industry is at stake. The environment in which concrete can be produced Business activities and basic exchange of ideas and information, Made in Italy can promote products and provide integrated and new business outlets to more than 250 Italian companies. “Not only individual producers – continues Pellegrini – trust Expo Riva Shoes & Cartbacks, but International companies They see this event as a tool for the growth of their businesses”.

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Success for that Alessandra Albarelli, Director of Expo Riva Shoe & Cardabox, “follows a commitment to continuity The entire structure of the exhibition focuses on developing a wide international network of contacts (30 countries were represented by 11 delegates). This network allows 119 new buyers and journalists from 25 countries will be invited to the exhibition Who, for the first time, visits the exhibition halls of Riva del Garda. A joint effort with the company will make it available to the audience Advanced tools that allow them to easily find the products and partners they are looking for: Focus on sustainability issues promoted by new exhibitors and exclusive seminars that increase the variety of offerings based on an informative digital catalog, price ranges and product offerings. without forgetting Innovation Village Retail, Recommend innovative solutions to the world thanks to the proposals of the startups present at the exhibition.

The event’s opening ceremony and the ribbon cutting of the brand new business club were attended by several key corporate figures: the Mayor of Riva del Garda, Cristina Santi, Councilor for Crafts, Trade, Promotion, Sports and Tourism. Autonomous Province of Trent, Roberto Filoni, First Consul and Director General for Country Development, Damiano Francovi, And Mary Magdalene Del Grosso, Director of the ICE Agency’s Office of Consumer Products. Everyone pointed The importance of bringing many national and international exhibitors and buyers to Italy. And all underlined the importance of the event for the local region as well as the entire national and international footwear scene.

“I would like to thank the Riva del Garda Fierecongresi Spa for the great positivity expressed today, We are coming off three tough years and the Expo Riva Shoe will be an important test of what is happening globally. It is a great pride for Trentino and Riva del Garda. Today there are 1,100 exhibitors from all over the world, 25% of whom represent the Italian market. In this rationale national interest and international interest must be reaffirmed. From this point of view, Riva del Garda is a successful destination. It is the only exhibition center in Trentino and must continue in the future”, is the message of Councilor Roberto Filoni.

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For the mayor Christine Shanti “Expo Riva Shoe has a very deep bond with the local area: The 98th edition represents nearly fifty years of history and passes through a two-year epidemic Reaffirming fair share as a fundamental opportunity to accelerate the business of this sector”.

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