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New and heavier weather forecast from National Civil Defense »

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Weather Warning: New and heavier bad weather forecast from the National Civil Defense

Red Alert National Civil Defense Press release

Bad weather: Orange warning in Sicily

Rain and thunderstorms continue on the island

The barometric depression formed between the western Mediterranean and the north continuously directs wet and unstable southeastern currents towards our peninsula. This determines significant unstable weather with rainfall in the central-southern regions, especially in the Tyrrhenian fields, especially in Sicily.

Based on the available forecasts, the Department of Civil Defense in its agreement with the relevant regions – those responsible for the implementation of civil defense systems in the affected areas – has issued a warning about adverse weather conditions. Meteorological events affecting different parts of the country can be determined in the national summary, national review and hydrological and hydraulic reviews reported in the warning

Widespread rain, a reversal or thundershower will continue in Sicily, especially in the south and east, from Thursday morning, November 11. These events include heavy rain, frequent electrical activity and strong winds.

Based on the expected and ongoing events, the Orange Warning was evaluated tomorrow, Thursday 11 November in most parts of Sicily. The yellow alert was assessed in the northeastern part of the same region, in the southern part of Calabria and in the coastal areas of Lazio.

The weather and crisis forecast for Italy is updated daily based on new forecasts and the evolution of events, and is available on the website of the Department of Civil Defense (, With general rules of conduct to be followed in the event of bad weather. Information on regional alert levels, specific critiques that may affect individual territories, and adopted preventive measures are managed by regional civil defense structures, with which the department monitors the evolution of the situation.

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Rome, November 10, 2021

Head of Cabinet

Department of Civil Defense

Department Press Office

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