November 28, 2023

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“Often you are untenable, you don’t have to apologize”

Sully is disappointed with David, the comparison to Gf ​​Vip arrives.

The criticism received from David Silvestri They destabilized Soleil rise. Immediately after the live broadcast of big brother vipIn fact, the influencer decided to confront the actor by revealing everything he had Doubts and disappointments about the mysterious behavior imposed on him.

Sulli disappointed David Silvestri

During the last episode of big brother vipAnd Alfonso Signorini show Soleil movie in it David swipe the Agressive behaviour Hired by influencer towards Jianmaria. The words the actor used did not like the girl who decided to confront him right after the live broadcast.

“Perhaps you did not understand my words and misunderstood them.” male worries Revealing her deep regret for the words he used in confession Silvestri “I will never allow myself to say certain words about someone I consider a friend […] You attacked me in that confession. It seems strange to me that you revealed yourself over there on the basis of our friendship.”.

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“I’m just telling you things to your face. I’m not stupid. If I want to talk about you, I don’t go to confession center” to reply David He tries to justify himself. “There is that at that moment you did not listen and understand” he added Alex Provoking the reaction of the young actor “And you don’t have to apologize for this. You always feel attacked on your own, sometimes untenable. Do you know how many times I’ve defended you?! You don’t, because maybe you didn’t even care. Something about you is wrong”.

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