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Gov. Canada, Trudeau called for emergency legislation against any protests

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The Canadian Prime Minister has called for more legislation on emergency legislation and an end to anti-Govt restrictions on capital and trade on the U.S. border: for the first time in half a century. For 3 weeks, protesters have set Ottawa on fire and caused billions of dollars in commercial losses. Yesterday, the Prime Minister of Ontario passed the Federal Government, announcing the cancellation of vaccination passes from March 1st.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has declared a national general emergency to end protests against anti-Govt restrictions that have paralyzed capital and trade on the U.S. border. This decision, for the first time in half a century, allowed him to suspend civil liberties in order to restore public order, for example by restricting public meetings or restricting travel to or from certain areas. Now that Trudeau has applied the emergency law, the decision must be approved by parliament within a week (COVID: Live Updates – Special).

Extra powers by the end of Trudeau

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No Vox protests in Canada and New Zealand: Dozens of arrests. Photo

The Canadian no-vote protests have been going on for about three weeks: protesters have set fire to Ottawa and cut off trade with the United States, causing billions of dollars in losses. Yesterday, just before Trudeau’s end, they had their first victory: the Prime Minister of Ontario announced that vaccination passes would be abolished from March 1, excluding the federal government. The Canadian Prime Minister launched an appeal to use the fistfight against the “illegal occupations” of the self-styled convoys of independence, and then declared a national emergency with greater powers.

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Third week struggle


Corona virus in Europe and the world. Infographics

Ontario is the province most affected by anti-Govt protests. The decision to abolish vaccination passes came a day after protesters began evacuating the Ambassador Bridge, the main bridge connecting the United States, which accounts for 25% of trade between the two countries. At a news conference, provincial premier Doug Ford explained that it was possible to facilitate health measures as the majority of the population has been vaccinated and the peak of cases caused by the Omigron variant has passed. “We are not out of the tunnel yet, but we are heading in the right direction,” he said. The situation in the capital, Ottawa, is chaotic, with truckers and protesters paralyzed on the streets of the center for the third week in a row, making life impossible for civilians. Tensions are also high at the Gauts Crossing between Alberta and Montana, where police yesterday arrested 11 people and confiscated guns, pistols, body armor, a knife and “a large quantity of ammunition.”

Emergency Law

Trudeau has used the emergency law in the past few hours to try to put an end to the situation. In October 1970, the prime minister’s father, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, used the move only once during peacetime to send troops to Quebec, where the Liberation Front abducted Pierre Laford, the British embassy coordinator and provincial minister. Dead

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