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Mandatory POS is not enough to incentivize payments with ATMs: Survey results

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POS Mandatory For Traders and Professionals: From June 30th Commitment Accept debit card and debit card paymentsNo matter the amount of purchase or professional service. Scale aims to Encourage the use of electronic paymentsforcing merchants to accept card payments.

On June 30, the Pnrr-bis decree entered into force, introducing the obligation of shopkeepers and professionals to equip themselves with points and accept payments by cards and ATMs. The measure went into effect with Six months in advance Compared to the originally scheduled date, which is January 2023.

The deadline has been brought forward to meet the deadlines imposed by the European Union on recovery. Now it’s Pos Mandatory for traders and professionalsBut will that be enough to encourage the use of cards and ATMs? We asked readers through a vote Which has no scientific value, but indicates the reader’s thinking on this issue.

Point of sale commitment and fines

With a POS commitment in effect since June 30, merchants and professionals are taking risks a Punishment In the event of refusal to pay by cards and debit cards. there Fine For those who do not accept payments with POS is €30To which 4% of the transfer value must be added. However, penalties are only triggered if the customer reports the trader and the professional.

Poll points are mandatory

The question asked by readers in the survey is about mandatory jobs An incentive to use card payments and debit cards. However, in the opinion of voters, it would not be enough to really allow for increased use of this type of payment: as many as 51% of the sample believe that it is not a sufficient measure to encourage purchasing with ATM cards. .

It must be added to those 14% who believe that it is not a sufficient tool, especially if it is not accompanied by other measures, such as Cashback which were introduced and then eliminated after only one semester. Together, these two negative responses make up 65% of reader reviews in the survey.

According to 20% of respondents, Mandatory POS can be really effectivebut only if it is expected Higher fines Compared to the current currents (€30 plus 4% of the transfer fee). However, 13% of readers believe that mandatory POS is sufficient to incentivize card and ATM payments. Finally, 2% of the sample answered “I don’t know”.

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