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Moon, with a broken back from Canada to Hawaii

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Last September a drone photographed the moon (as researchers have renamed it) CWith severe lower back injury: The entire torso is bent into an unnatural “S” shape,” Effect of boat collision”, they explain from the Finn Island Research Station. Despite the pain, Moon managed to reach his goal, but it still wouldn’t be a happy ending. A probability confirmed by scientists is that the humpback whale will soon find death. Tired from the journey and the pain of the injury.

“Canada’s west coast is increasingly dangerous for whales, as marine traffic regularly collides with these gentle ocean giants, which are often not benign.” Janie Wray, CEO and Chief Researcher at BC Whale explains A non-profit organization researching cetaceans on the west coast of the province.

“The moon actually induced the morph to make that migration without using the tail. It was incredible.. But it also breaks your heart.” The humpback whale’s size in Hawaiian waters highlights how emaciated and emaciated it is. He used his fat reserves to make his last journey And there are no more food sources in tropical waters. For this reason, Ray is pessimistic about the animal’s chances of survival.

“She is in pain and yet she is alive. Attempts to euthanize Moon would require a cocktail of toxins and poison the marine life that feeds on his remains. If he’s down, we can intervene. But because it’s in the ocean, because of its size, we can’t do anything about it. It breaks your heart even more.”

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