December 3, 2023

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Golf News – PGA Tour Announces Formation of PGA Tour Americas

Golf News – PGA Tour Announces Formation of PGA Tour Americas

The PGA Tour announces the formation of the PGA Tour Americas

With the official statement issued yesterday, the PGA Tour The PGA Tour announced the birth of the Americas Satellite Circuit.

The new circuit will be born from the union of the PGA Tour Canada (born as the McKenzie Tour in 1970) and the PGA Tour Latin America (which began in 2012).

The PGA Tour Americas will begin in February 2024.

The season will consist of 16 matches played in two phases.

The first will be in Latin America, featuring the current season’s top 60 qualifiers from each of the two tours that will be linked to the new round.

Second, the top 60 classified in the first stage will be joined by players who have qualified through a special interim qualifying school played between Canada and the United States.

The top 10 finishers on the points list will receive a card for the 2025 Korn Ferry Tour season.

Alex Baldwin, Supervisor The PGA Tour Americas said of the round formation:

“As we recognize the intense history of golf between Latin America and Canada, we are now excited for the PGA Tour Americas and the role this tour will play in preparing players for the next steps in their professional journey.”

“The PGA Tour Americas is a highly competitive circuit that aims to identify high-performing players and promote them to the next level through their ascension in the rankings and their pursuit of the highest level of professional golf, the PGA Tour”.

The complete PGA Tour Americas schedule will be announced in September, including the full field, prize money and complete eligibility criteria.

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