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Chaos School, the evidence is missing. space to interrupt. Pompey: “Felicity had to postpone.” Ortenzi: “Dad’s time is up”

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by Rafael Vitale

Still – chaos. repeatedly. Schools closed, schools open, weekends at home, two days of distance learning. Within 24 hours, everything happened to the school world. First, the ordinances of many mayors, but just as many did the opposite, who decided yesterday to close schools tomorrow and Saturday, and then in the middle of the afternoon, the decision of the “superintendent” Ugo Felicity to impose on the father. And chaos arose, with college chatter and mad family chatter, for tomorrow we study and learn, as if nothing had happened.

Stefano Pompoi, Today Minority Counsellor, for years as the county vice president, he followed the school world. How do you explain this mess about closings and openings?

We need more coordination. But this is not a problem today.

But who has to decide? Filisetti, mayors or district?

Herein lies the subject of the dispute. Common sense is required in situations like today. Most mayors have made choices to delay the reopening of schools, whether or not they can participate. Arrived this afternoon the school regional office should have been postponed. The historical and social moment calls for flexibility, it is necessary to put the representatives of the school in the center of attention (teachers, students, families). It is not a matter of assessing who is right or wrong as in an administrative legal dispute, it is a matter of minimizing the inconvenience.”

And between students and teachers, are they the weakest link in politics?

“I am an oxymoron in school. They are the core of it and they pay the price for the mistakes of its management.”

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Are schools able to ensure safety in existence?

“Theoretically, yes. However, we all know that infection tracing has been skipped and that rapid tests have questionable reliability. So today everywhere is a potential source of infection. But there are young people out there. They and the elderly should be the most protected.” Draw. The obvious consequences.

There’s a lack of coordination here, too, one for himself. Will the governorate be able to play this role?

“The county has to play it. Even if it is partially competent, it must act as a coordinator as I said before. On these occasions it must try to give a common line and thus protect every local reality. In recent years, we have always silently rejected the intentions of the cuts and rationalization of the complexes that he makes. Regional School Office. Now go ahead and take an extra shot at the coordination side, it was really helpful to see her in this circumstance.”

Pompozzi, ventilation in the classroom, how to stop?

“Like everyone, with few systems because it is their cost. Given that its effectiveness at the regional level is boasted of, the resources are provided to equip all the complexes.”

And speaking of the province, the evening came a stand New President Michel Ortenzi, who, like other mayors, decided to close Montegiorgio’s schools: “An order was given for reasons of health. The entire educational side rests with the school and its administrators, not the municipality or the mayor. Therefore, the fact of activating my father is in no way inconsistent with the reasons Underlying trade union law, however, the school district office could very well step in yesterday afternoon and give everyone time to organize themselves. Instead, wait until late in the evening of a public holiday to send a circular to the principals who had to reorganize everything within few hours “.

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