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Modena football club, Attilio Tesser, is infallible ‘ordinary’. “I am, accustomed to being asocial” – Sports

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Modena, May 3, 2022 – Attilio Tesser And Modena, understood as a city: wonderful love at first sight for a coach Promotion of the Canary Birds in the Second Division Yesterday the guest of Carlino’s editorial board told us (Here is the video interview). “I’m the usual type, who lives a fairly secluded life and doesn’t frequent the city much – he explained – however, I got to know her pretty well in July, when we got back from the retreat. I was looking for an apartment, and I wanted it in the middle but there” I found that it is not far, in a place where there is enough green space nearby. I immediately liked Modena, it is a beautiful city, with a high quality of life, which allowed me to live in the best possible way. I received a few too many fines. I don’t go to clubs, I go to the pub in the morning for coffee. Twice a week I go downtown with my wife to do the shopping, the restaurant on average every 15 days. I have very strict working hours: it is not like that, only that we usually eat and dine earlier. Caliendo, Secco and Cannell (a) but then nothing came of it because they were still in negotiations to buy the company.”

the family. “I got married at a young age, I have a daughter who lived and worked in Milan for seven or eight years – the technician went on – I did not become a grandfather yet but there is a granddaughter: my dog. My wife, whom I met in Udine, always followed me, except for Bolzano, where I trained a sudetirol. I did not speak With her never about football and rarely coming to the field, in Modena I did it for the derby with Regiana and Pontedera, starting from home when we were already winning 2-0.

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passing by on the ballHis daily bread, Taiser commented on Rivetti’s appeal to fans during a promotion match. The shepherd asked not to invade the field “to celebrate everyone in the best possible way”. “I’ve never heard of a president addressing fans in this way. But Carlo Rivetti has gained quite a bit of charisma among fans. If I wear Stone Island? I’m not very interested in fashion, and I didn’t know the brand. Stone Island is also for era. I now have a pair of Sweaters in the closet.” A few words also about his relationship with the press. “For almost ten years – he stated – I haven’t read the local newspapers, I started doing it again this year. I didn’t want to see the press review but they sent it to the other staff and I started reading it too. It worked for me., if it was Criticisms are constructive, it is good to listen to. I have always had a good relationship with journalists, they can always contact me. With them they do not like or dislike but only clarity.” However, he’s not on social media: “Absolute zero, I don’t want to know,” he explained.

coaches Who is the most influential? “You can draw something from everyone, I had a great time in Catania with Bruno Pace, sometimes in the evening he came to visit me at home. Then in Udine with Enzo Ferrari, he was very humane and kind. From the current technicians I have a lot of interest in Simone Inzaghi, Pioli and Spalletti and I respect Dionysey since he was coaching Emoles.” He also spent facilitating words for Zico, the talent with whom he shared significant years at Udine. “A hero who combines artistic and human values. Very humble, he was always available to his teammates. Playing with Zico does not become Zico, but you learn a lot.”

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the last Considerations employment Scudetto: Who will win it? “When I was a kid I supported Inter – he said – but I see Milan as the favourite.” And what about qualifying for B? “Regiana and Padua above all, then Palermo and Feralbi as strangers, and not Foggia because they have to deal with Avellino which I support, because I have found myself so well in that city.”

Modena promotion to Serie B: photos

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