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Bella Bella Pepe, the comedy by Fausto Presi with Alessandro Preziosi and Matilda Giuli, where children judge adults

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A comedy for families, between kids talking and judging adults and an eye on peanuts and American cinema in the ’80s. Meeting with Bla bla baby manager Fausto Brizzi and champions Alessandro Preziosi and Matilde Gioli.

A children’s movie is also suitable for parents. A child without a baluch It is unpublished or almost unpublished for Italian cinema and something a far cry from the previous films Fausto Prezi. The director joked until a certain point, during the screening of his new comedy, “The goal was for no one to write was the usual Italian comedy.” On April 7th #soloalcinema for distribution 01.

Unusual press encounter, due to which there are a lot more kids than little kids who got on stage (with parents), even if they are all grown up compared to the months of filming, a year and a half ago. They are in fact the protagonists of the novel with adults Alessandro PreziosiAnd the Matilda GiuliAnd the Cristiano KakamoAnd the Massimo de LorenzoAnd the Maria de Biasi.

The story is the story Luca (costly) who is 45 years old in corporate custody. One day, through a strange accident, a kind of parody of those who make superheroes like cinema, he manages to communicate with children. In the full sense, since he hears them speak and also in very clear terms and often criticize the many vices of adults. comedy, A child without a baluchwho looks at American family movies from the ’80show Mom I missed the plane or Beethoven. Although the crucial mention was the comic strips of Peanuts you hate Mafalda, especially for the cruel sarcasm with which talking children turn to older children. Among the hundreds of kids, those with the right face, a twin to rest, and equally willing parents to be patient for long days of movie sets were chosen. Professional actors “kneeled to play with them”, leaving the most pessimistic part to the youngsters.

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“Beside the actual kindergarten from the movie, we put one up for the kids and parents,” Prezi said. “They learned to walk on set. We shot in sequence and in the last scene they walked, albeit wobbly. It was almost a documentary, with a shooting style that I’ve never used. With kids, you wait for them to do something and you don’t know when it will happen. Every day we came home for three or four hours of footage and the actors were acting at their own pace. They acted with pre-recorded sounds and with children. Sometimes with nothing. We used an indicative column, as you do with animators.”

Two twins greeted him, and they went up to the stage, and ran to hug him, causing an enthusiastic smile, Alessandro Preziosi Raised a tiring but definitely special experience. “I became a father at 20, and I was 27. I don’t communicate easily with myself, I found myself very well not communicating with them. It was nice to share the arrival of the children in the group with the whole crew, It was fun to see how the teachers improvised to calm them all down. It was amazing to be working on this project, I used all the lightness of my experience as a father and a man. I am a person who inevitably annoys me so much that my kids very soon started not taking me seriously, and making nasty jokes like the ones I do.”

An experience that also reminds the other hero with a big smile, Matilda Giuli. “It was beautiful and important. It’s not every day that you make such films. I’m not a mother yet and the relationship with these little kids was new, even though I raised my younger siblings. It was a pleasure from start to finish, albeit complicated. Looking at their naivety and spontaneity in moving their faces makes you want to loosen all the superstructures of us actors. I’m very attached to these kids, even if they met them now they wouldn’t recognize me, or maybe they did the valuables. A very formative experience that made me grow a lot.”

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Not only laughter, but also some thoughts, he points out Prezi. “I wanted the little ones to rule the hasty adult world, which we don’t do. Under the films for children and families there are also “Letters”. An invitation to pay attention to the world of children who look at us and judge us. We don’t always set a good example. We still don’t know what will happen to an abandoned kid’s iPad, but when in doubt, let’s let them play some more. The idea came to my wife, who said to me, “Why don’t you play Ted with real kids?” Crazy idea I talked about with Luca BarbarchiProduced by Eliseo Entertainment and we did some tests. We formed a screenwriting dream team, made up of Paola Mamini, Herbert Simon Barajnani And the Mauro Uzzu, to develop what appears to be an interesting topic. Then we made some artistic and dramatic adjustments to adapt to working with children. Using mechanical tricks, sometimes digital or with a real child. team effort. It took a fruitful frenzy to get the proper technical performance. It’s the first time I’ve been able to show the movie not at the end of editing, but a year later. If we do a sequel, we can raise the bar for bad, when kids misjudge adults. Sounds like the best thing about Bla blah baby“.

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