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Minions 2 – How Gru becomes a despicable sequel release date

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Minions 2 – How Gru gets despicable: The release date of the most anticipated animated sequel has been officially announced.

Minions 2 – How Gru gets despicable, the upcoming animated sequel to the cinema (via social media)

.’s new trailer Minions 2 – How to become a despicable puppy, the second chapter of the animated series dedicated to the irresistible yellow characters. The movie is directed by Kyle BaldaAnd Brad Abelson e Jonathan del Vall. minions 2 produced by Chris Meledandri, founder and CEO of light, In cooperation with Janet Healy e Chris Reno. While the first Minions movie was about characters who are now among the most popular and entertaining characters in contemporary animation, this new feature film will instead tell the story ofpuppy childhood. Let’s find out what it is.

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minions 2
All the details of the animated movie (via the social network)

minions 2 It will resume the story that was left cut at the end of the previous movie when young Gru first met what would become his yellow henchman. The movie thus captures the story when Crane in his early teens She is only 12 years old. The little boy intends to realize his big dream, which all onlookers know so well, will come true get so bad.

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Animated sequel Released in theaters August 18, 2022. For now, we can only watch the trailer that just came out with a 12-year-old puppy intent on becoming a super villain. Gru would like to replace one of the super villains from the Evil 6 super villain group, but his legends don’t take him seriously. Then he decided to steal a gem from Evil 6 with the help of the minions. It is clear that his loyal aides will raise some problems.

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