Home World Israel and Hamas towards a 6-week truce: What happens?

Israel and Hamas towards a 6-week truce: What happens?

Israel and Hamas towards a 6-week truce: What happens?

Israel has “practically accepted” the proposed six-week truce in Gaza There is a “framework agreement” that Israel has accepted “in one form or another.”. A second phase of the agreement could be agreed to “build something more sustainable” during the truce. A senior Biden administration official told reporters, according to CNN.

The point that must be resolved is this, the senior official explained No agreement with Hamas on a “specific category of hostages”. “This category of vulnerable hostages” is at the heart of the agreement. He added that the United States held several meetings in Israel and one in Paris in recent weeks.

New negotiations in Cairo

Two informed sources told CNN that new negotiations are expected to take place regarding the truce in Gaza and the release of the hostages in Cairo, without specifying the dates. The talks will be at the expert level with the participation of the United States, Israel, Egypt and Hamas. It is not clear whether Qatar will also attend. Discussions between Israel and Hamas will take place indirectly, with representatives of both sides in separate rooms.

Gantz is in Washington, but without Netanyahu's approval

Meanwhile, Defense Minister Benny Gantz is traveling to Washington against the approval of Benjamin Netanyahu, according to what Haaretz reported, citing a source close to Netanyahu. He added: “The Prime Minister made it clear to Gantz last night that he does not approve of his trip to Washington. Any trip abroad by a minister, whether not private but in his official capacity, requires the Prime Minister's approval.” The source reported.

But Gantz decided to go ahead anyway. In Washington, his office announced that he would meet with Vice President Kamala Harris and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan. He will then continue on to London where other “high-level” meetings are scheduled to be held. Gantz, a former chief of staff and former defense minister, was the leader of the opposition to Netanyahu. He joined the war government after the outbreak of the conflict in Gaza.

Yesterday thousands took to the streets of Jerusalem for the hostages

Thousands of people demonstrated in Jerusalem to demand the release of the hostages. The crowd gathered in Paris Square near the residence of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Many participants arrived in Jerusalem with the Unity March, which began on Wednesday from Re'im, the site of the Supernova music festival, which witnessed one of the bloodiest events of the October 7 Hamas attack.

Among the speakers on stage are the parents of Avinatan Or and Rumi Gonen, the boy and girl kidnapped at the Supernova party. They appeared together and wanted to emphasize unity in demanding the release of their children, even though they come from very different backgrounds from a political and religious point of view, The Times of Israel reported.

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